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February 11, 2006



This is one of my all time favourite films. I own it on dvd. Wow there are a lot of anal retentive oddballs out there. (Ignore the pun)


these guys just didnt do their home work. i have it on good authority that the hippies in WW2 liked to change the machine guns on their half tracks often. it had to do with what mood they were feeling at the time.

Jason Scott

Chris, if a movie filled with little facts and numbers intended to impress the audience are called on the numbers by people who know what they're talking about (or who at least did more research), and you're coming along posting these and saying they need to get a hobby.... what does it say when YOUR hobby is telling other people to get a hobby?

Sensei Rebel

They filmed the ending scenes in my uncle's little town in Croatia. I I just wanted to see it because of that- it was an ok movie. I was stunned when I found out I've actually walked on those streets because it seems so out of the way when I consider my grandparents are a town away, where they live on simple farm land and nothing much goes on there.

Foreign Listener K

Also one of my favorite Metromedia weekend timekillers as a kid. But the idea that anyone could take this movie seriously enough to worry about its 'facts' should start to wonder about the yacht, if you ask me - there was a yacht, right? In the middle of France? Being sent home?

One of my more treasured childhod memories was seeing Patton at a drive-in - Patton striding onto the screen, larger than life. Of course, the drive-in pretty much died out before Reagan could save it as another prop, but what a purely American moment at a time when America needed to remember what a good war felt like. And truly, the huge screen did a fair job of showing the tank battles at a real scale.

As a final note of nostalgia - the last time I saw a drive-in working was in the mid 1980s, stopped at a gas station in PA around midnight, and it was the scene where the Toady's fingers are sliced off by the Feral Kid's boomerang - silently, of course.

I think what truly killed the drive-in more than anything else was the lack of over the top moviemaking. Who makes movies for giant screens anymore?


There was a drive-in in Hyde Park, New York still in operation as of the theatrical run of The Island of Dr. Moreau. What was that - about ten years ago?

It's probably gone by now though...


I saw Jerry Maguire at a drive-in outside of Tampa, FL, in whatever year that was. It was just eh as far as drive-in fare. Foreign Listener K is right about over-the-top movies being best for drive-in viewing. But I think they still make that kind of flick: horror films, actioners, the Star Wars franchise. Drive-ins in the warmer states, where they can be open year-round, fare much better than their Northern neighbors.

I have no idea if that Tampa drive-in is still around, though.

Patro Mine

Tulsa, OK has a double screen, back-to-back, drive-in called the Admiral twin, also a local band that stole the name for themselves. I don't know about the band but the drive-i n is still operational


Kelly’s Heroes is one of my all time favourite war films, yes there are a number of things wrong in it but it's a comedy please try to remember this!
Large speaker on tank and the battle at the end they had to have influenced Apocalypse Now & Saving Private Ryan.

What model of leather helmet does Oddball wear in the film I would love to know as it isn’t a US tank helmet, as it was filmed in Croatia is it a Croat Tank Helmet?

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