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February 02, 2006



Hi iowa.

I liked your article on the freak show.
I use the term as it fits the show, as it’s a ‘for profit’ show, purely entertainment, it’s not for education because it is not some kind of public service. The publicity makes you think its done to make you aware of the damage done by life’s little choices, but seriously posing plastic stiffs as athletes… come on! Surely that means to exercise will make you stiff, na mate the show is a disgrace.

Von Hagan is neither a Dr or a Proff, in the authentic use of a degree, he has got a diploma, but it came from the same factory as ‘Bodies’ got their stiffs. He’s a fake, while the bodies use to be Real Chinese political prisoners, they were executed and processed in one of the three Von Hagan factories, two in Dalian China and one in an Ex Russian state ( Ktycoanastane or somewhere).

China executes 3 700 prisoners a year, plenty of organs for transplants and plenty of fresh stiffs for Von Frankenstein to plastinate.

Sorry to break this to you like this, no one likes to be fooled, and plenty have been, but you saw that they were all Chinese right? All male Right? And they were all under thirty, how closely did you look?.

How many bodies get donated here by the under thirty?

Aside from the ones you saw at 'Bodies' there are others Scope Fantastic and Amazing etc all with a catalogue of 20 souls all Chinese and all under thirty and all the exhibitors all say the bodies were donated, it’s a lie.

However Its not the only way Von Hagan deals in death, he also supplies museums and medical research, but a set of stiffs for the freak show market is his best con yet.

He tried showing them as art. But no one wanted to have them in a gallery

Now that you know all this and just to confirm your impression, you now know they were Chinese and you now know they were all men now you have to realize they all come from a country that has a one child policy.

How do you think we can get them back to their grieving parents for a decent burial?

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