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February 21, 2006


fatty jubbo

I eat that Kashi cereal often. I just refer to it as "creepy people" cereal. I don't know why they use such grotesque pictures on their boxes but that's probably why I buy it.

Lee Hartsfeld

Sorry you don't approve of the FTC's complaint against R.J. Reynolds--personally, I find the pushing of cigarettes on children to be immoral in the extreme, but you have a right to your views.


Sarcasm translated:

marketing cigarettes to kids = bad
grouchy cartoon apples = what's the big deal?


Saw a McDonald's commercial during the Olympics that showed someone, presumably of Latino descent, throwing out all his bottles of salsa and sauces because of a new McD's sandwich targeting that segment of the market. I found it a particularly egregious example of how a corporation can send signals -- not even that subtle -- that their stuff is better than homemade
and culturally specific cooking.

Lee Hartsfeld

Point of comment:

Your writing=poor

Kenzo ( /

FYI, Kashi is made by Kellogg's. Funny how they leave that fact off of the packaging.


Here is another link, everything you always wanted to know about the role of corn flakes in the fight against masturbation and other sexual excesses: Porn Flakes

And a webzine devoted to all things cereal: The Empty Bowl. Not 100% traditional, they also report about Bacon Snack Bars.


Some people can't understand even the most obvious sarcasm.

Anyway, thanks for all the links, Liz. Cereal rocks! (no sarcasm there - I really mean it!)

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