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February 15, 2006


fatty jubbo

I love flipper. I can't express how much I love flipper.

Although I find Generic to be extremely overrated. It sounds like the Kids Of Widney High to my ears. Now "Gone Fishin'" is their unsung masterpiece! Vibraphone & saxophones! yowza! A bizarre album.

Flipper was pure nihilsim, but admitting that they were so frail and fucked nyhc macho man pretense.

I'm dying to hear or see anything of the reunion show. I saw some pictures and Bruce Lose sat on a bar stool the whole night with some wires running from some contraption in his front pocket to his back. the perils of being a junkie, I guess.

I have this whole Cable Access Flipper set ripped into two very good looking high quality AVIs, if you're interested. This was Ruth Schwartz's (from Mordam records) show, I believe.

more info & mp3 here:


Back in the day, when I was a DJ at Penn State's student radio station (then known as WDFM), I put together a mashup of Flipper's version of "I Know an Old Lady (Who Swallowed a Fly)" with the one I knew as a kid done by Burl Ives, with them trading lines. Wish I still had a copy of that....

Todd Norlander

I saw Flipper at CBGB after having caught them at the Mud Club. At the CB's show, while playing Sex Bomb, they one by one passed off their instruments to audience members until the whole band was standing in front of the stage watching strangers play the song.
And then there was the time Bruce Lose and I got thown out on our faces after an aborted Studio 54 Flipper gig...ask me about it sometime.


I second the opinion of of Mr Jubbo - Gone Fishin' is, for me, one of my Holy Grail ebay items. The copy of Fishin' I have, is a digital remaster of a cassette of a vinyl rekkid.

Brian Turner

Bruce had some sort of electric stimulators attached to him as he is suffering from chronic back pain.


Gone Fishin was the turning point for me. Up 'til then, no matter how strange, unusual, or odd anything seemed, "different" just didn't mean the same as it did after hearing that album. Generic is not too shabby either.


Oh Well - Sure looks like I'll be sitting this bidding round on the sidelines.



Flipper is GodHead! Seriously, I think Flipper is one of the most criminally underrated bands in history.

I just came across an FM broadcast from 1981 on It's a torrent and well worth downloading.

Listening to it now. Sublime!

If you can't get it. Send me an email. I'll be willing to burn a few cpoies.


Flipper is the greatest punk band ever. Signed, sealed, and delivered. No one comes close. Everything they ever released was brilliant. I need to find more of their catalog, though..."Generic" and "Public Flipper Limited" are unbelievable. "Public Flipper" is one of the all-time best live albums ever made - pure drunken genius. Right now I've got the "Public Flipper" version of "Sex Bomb" shredding my better way to begin the day. Last thing...Ted Falconi is a terribly underrated guitarist. Actually, I think the entire band as musicians were totally underrated. Even as wasted as they were, keeping the grooves together night after night...that shows a lot to me.

I still don't have "Gone Fishin'," though.


One more thing...I should mention that it seems very possible that the full Flipper catalog is going to get reissued soon. Keep your ears open for more information in general. I'm not sure on what label, but from all accounts it might be this year.


I'm writing a book about any thoughts kicked my way would be sweet. I only saw them play once back in '91 I think it was, but have always loved them (since first heard in '83).

Generic is a classic, yeah, it's lo-fi but so what?! Gone Fishin' is an absolute terrific album. But my all-time fave is Public Flipper Ltd. Oh yeah,and "In Your Arms" on Blow'n Chunks.

vladimir bourrec from hell

Flipper cd's are costing up to 80 USD now, that's fucking bullshit! they need to print their shit again!

Gone fishin is my favourite, i just bought one of the (last?) LP's on eBay.

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