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February 27, 2006



How am I cheating on my taxes if I don't itemize my deductions?

Or am I overlooking some much more fundamental way that I'm cheating without even being aware of doing so?

I realize this isn't the point of the piece, but since you brought it up...

Holger Skurbe

Right on the "money" Irwin, pun intended. As I only 'worked' there for 12 years, no one in the audience could possibly comprehend the joy of 'being on the radio.' Although, at times it really sucked. Ying and Yang I guess.

Good luck to everyone there, and if I am ever in Jersey City again, I may break down the doors and yell, "RAID!" Just like the old days.

HOLGER (still got my 'staff' t-shirts from the '70s.)


Many people cheat on taxes by buying stuff on-line and not paying sales tax on it. However, if you happen to live in a state without sales tax (like me, in Montana), it is more difficult without itemizing deductions.

By the way, I am really curious to figure out all the shows Irwin hates, and whether there is really something in every fourth sentence. The references to Kenny G, Professor Dum-Dum, Andy Breckman, Bryce, and Rick Hazelton are in sentences 13, 45, 49, 53, and 61, which are all multiples of 4 apart. Irwin? Someone else with too much time on their hands?


Irwin knows what he's talking about. Just ask him.


I'm entitled to gas tax back based on miles traveled on toll roads in my state (since gas tax, which is construed as a user fee, does not go toward maintenance of toll roads here). Generously, I do not accept this money to which I am entitled. I like to think things like "cheating on sales tax," as you put it, all come out in the wash.

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