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February 05, 2006


Manuel Langer

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the band Death In June covered four songs by the People's Temple Choir on Death In June's 1992 release "BUT WHAT ENDS WHEN THE SYMBOLS SHATTER"

"The tracks He's Disabled, Because of Him, The Mourner's Bench and Black Angel are covers of songs originally released on an album by The People's Temple Choir (of Jim Jones fame.) Lyric changes were made on He's Disabled (originally He's Able), The Mourner's Bench (originally Something Got A Hold of Me) and Little Black Angel (originally Black Baby)."

thank you for the posting the mp3's


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Transparency is set to release audio from the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, which was a 15 minute shortwave radio presentation done from Jonestown. This will include conspiracy theory stuff on the King assassination and other pertinent weirdness. What a coincidence to see this now on the FMU blog.


excellent...just been teaching about this today! general guff on obedience and conformity in Psychology AS Level (UK gold standard blah...) but now i can scare them as well... always wanted that limited edition (the no. of dead? i think so.) release on PTV's TOPY label that featured the speeches...

Aerick Duckhugger

Perfect! I was actually planning on doing a terror/noise/mixing show on Jonestown later this year on my Super Secret Lodge Show.. November 18th on the anniversary of the mass-suicide... all this will definately be useful!

andreas voldenheimer

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Is that sweet or what , dude?
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Great idea!! Greetings from Germany!

Shar Johnson

I was at a garage sale and found the album "He's able" - the cover is a bit worn but the album shows no scratches and has the lyrics on a sheet inside. Is there any value to this item?


I have a lp recording entitled Messages for the Total Man recorded by Jim Jones for his Christian Crusade.


I would like to buy any choir recordings by Jim Jones/peoples temple please e-mail [email protected]


anyone noticed that the Pointer Sisters song I'm So Excited makes use of a few of bars that sound like a part of He's able!?


meant to write _walking with you father_

Fielding McGehee

To Shar of the 9/15/2006 post: It's a totally (!) different Jim Jones.

David Turner

The original LP contained the song 'Simple Song Of Freedom'. This is missing from the MP3's. Any chance of uploading it or anyone telling me where I can get it?


Is there value to the record, HE'S ABLE????

IF it was still sealed, $20-40.
They arent really rare.....
Some people sell them on ebay....some even think they will get $100 or more...never happens.....

[email protected]


someone's selling the "he's able" album on ebay as of today. asking $500.00 or submit a best offer.
seems suspect to me.


It wont sell for $500......they are out of their minds


So was this guy a SINGER? Walk a mile in my shoes-the same song as the one Joe South wrote and where I always hear the voice of Peggy Little who made the only girl version.
I seem to think Elvis also had a go at this one


With a name that sounds like a garage band JIMMY WOFFORD & the CHURCHMEN come up with a song which sounds like it could have been something Shirley Ellis could have done.
But what's he talking about? Who is Murillo?


I don't know about the Devil's Music but some of this stuff sounds like genuine rock'n'roll.The CHRISTONES are ascloseasthis to a doowop group of the 60s especially the Sensations' hit LET ME IN.
Got to love it!


Interesting to note that the World's first rock'n'roll star to chart on the Hot 100-PAT BOONE-should have done a cover of this one Gospel Boogie which was the subtitle for his 1958 hit A wonderful time up there


I'd REALLY love to get a copy of the missing song, "Simple Song Of Freedom". Can anyone please help me out?

All the best

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mike hansen

MICHAEL HANSEN HERE-this is what I know.
"The last track "Mass Suicide" is pasted together from two different sources. The first part is an incredible rant/sermon by Jim Jones, where he points out that the phrase "Love is the only weapon" is bullshit (I have to agree with him on this), and vows to "kill them if they come". Listen to the mp3 here."

that 'first part' is parts of 2 different 'sermons' edited together.

the cd re-issue with the 'mass suicide' track seems to have been taken from either a Vagina Dentata Organ picture disc, or the "Thee Last Supper", in which that full track-poor quality- is on that record. The audio was taken from the record, cleaned up of audio & surface noise, and put onto the cd.

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