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February 03, 2006


fatty jubbo

haha...brad pitt really looks like shit there. It's true what they say about his bad complexion.

Krys O.

Aieee! Surely a sign of the pending Apocalypse and/or a desperate cry for Proactiv Solution.


has anyone ever made a movie about the Moor Murders?

Blake Wallington

Why the fuck did this end up on like 10 blogs? I still don't think we have fully realized the impact of this intra net.

T. Spane

This is the first blog that I have seen pull up the third layer of the David and Maureen Smith, and Ian Brady and Myra Hindley photo reference. Creepy!! Will Angelina Jolie ever shake the latent, witchy aura of sinister evil that subtly surrounds her and everything she entraps?

Ms Brady

if somebody is going to make a movie based on the moors murders story... i want johnny depp to play ian brady!!

Mercool McCaber

Ha Ha! I think if they ever do make a big screen picture of the Moors Murders and associated trial, they should cast Jason Priestley as Ian Brady and perhaps Joan Rivers would make a scary enough Hindley!

Where could it end... Fred West The early years or even, as once suggested on Brass Eye by Chris Morris... Sutcliffe, THE MUSICAL!

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