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February 14, 2006



LOL! The back of the card probably reads: "From ShoeBomb -- A tiny little division of HallQaeda"!


just a tad irreverent, no?


Please, somebody stop all the cartoon violence!!!


I think you are a real fucking shitbag for posting something like that.


It made me smile, because for a second I thought it would be cool if buildings had feelings of love. I guess I qualify as an enemy combatant now. I wonder if there wer reactions similar to DD Shitbag to the first people who made jokes about Licoln being shot?
The cartoon takes nothing away from the tragedy. The terrorists don't win because I think it's funny.


Too soon! You should have waited a day or two...


I liked it. But that's the kind of guy I am. Sorry girls, I'm married.

joe beyer

thats the funniest 911 thing ive seen yet.
you midwesterners have such sense of humor on you.

Lee Hartsfeld

Brilliant cartoon. I read it as a parody of Bush's "Give me everything I want, or you're aiding the terr'ists." I assume that's the point of the cartoon--seems rather obvious.

Not sure why anyone would be offended by the truth.


Jeff T

If a girl gave me this, I would ask her to marry me on the spot and not take no for an answer.

I'd keep it on my person at all times and even if the relationship took a nose dive into Shanksville, we would always have September 11th.

the real will

i think its very sad. i guess its hard for me to see the humor in it when i personally witnessed people jumping from the towers. on the other hand, if i imagine the towers are filled with fuckface hipsters like most of you it does bring a smile to my face.


oh well.


Such anger over a Valentine's Day card. Is romance so wrong?


Mr. Real Will has a point about those 'hipsters'
Which leads to a perplexing question. If SO MANY people in America are so opposed to liberals, gays, abortion and the like, why are they so touched by those type who likely perished in that debacle. It rings a little hypocritical when I see all of the remember 9-11 bumper stikers down here in TN.


You are a piece of shit, how bout carrying that sign around NYC sometime, see how tough you are than you faggot.

joe beyer

fascinating how the folks how have the biggest problem with this are the only ones cursing. and the least likely to be wfmu listeners, i suspect. i was there on 9-11 and i saw it all in the flesh, and i can see the humor. move on, kids.


People who dislike the cartoon are obviously offended that both towers are male. Will this homophobia never cease?

Janey Yonkers

Is it easier to tell whether or not something is offensive than whether or not it's funny? There's no doubt this is offensive, but there's disagreement about whether it's funny. At least now it's easier to understand how those Mohammad cartoons--which to me are neither offensive nor funny--can cause all that violence.


This comic is the WORST kind of pornography! The kind without any nudity or any sexual content whatsoever.

Oh, it''s not pornography after all. sorry...

the real will

i love it how people who don't find this cartoon funny are dismissed as "midwesterners" or not real fans of wfmu. apparently, all true fans of this radio station are typical cookie cutter leftists who think noam chomsky's farts are works of genius. well i must be an aberration because im from new york and an i love this station and i will continue to support it so try not to get so cunty when someone expresses a dissenting opinion. thanks.


Hey, this is a family forum! I don't think Jesus would use the word "cunty". Why would you?


Paulie Walnuts uses the word cunty, and he is my personal savior.

I actually envisioned the dissenting opinions as belonging to local Tri-Staters. I also imagined the tower with the antenna is a girl. But then again, I am a goddamned pointy-headed East Coast phallocentric intellecutal. Without the intellect. Or the god.

Chris T.

I have conflicting feelings about the cartoon. It works on many levels and was obviously created only to provoke and offend, which it does beautifully. It's also funny, as are many juxtaposed images using taboo subjects. And as commentary on the whole Danish Mohammed cartoon flap it's absolutely brilliant at proving its own point.

While I can admire the cunning of whoever's behind the cartoon, part of me is saddened by its utter crassness. I heard this Irish radio commentator - Colm McCann - talking about the Danish cartoon rioting and he made an excellent point: in the "Western World" we've lost our ability to be shocked by images so we can't imagine how the rioters feel when their prophet is mocked: "Chill out! It's just a cartoon!" But those cartoons were created for the same reason this one was: to poke, to prod, to offend, to shock, to incite.

If nothing is sacred and everything is grist for the mill than even one of the most horrific spectacles of our lives can be mocked, apparently. Personally, while I've always been a "no sacred cows" kind of guy, I'm deeply disturbed by the cartoon. It's incredibly manipulative, especially in its faux childish style (as if a child would draw such a thing) and it has no real reason to exist except as provocation. I'm not sure it was meant to be shared with the wider public but I feel a bit like a laboratory rat: "Let's post this cartoon and see how people react!" Put this rat's vote in the negative column.

joe beyer

willy boy, you were so quick to take offense that you didnt realise that calling someone a midwesterner was not an insult. seeing how iowa is in the midwest (get it? iowa firecracker?) and i am from the midwest myself, and that i said that it was funny in the line before. midwesterners have a very offbeat sense of humor.

how much longer do we have to endure before folks stop obsessively searching for things to get offended by?

BTW, if this is a lab rat test, my first reaction was a snort-laugh.

Prof. Weisenstein

Unspeakable horror + cute, childlike style = funny

I'm sorry but mathamatical equations don't lie.

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