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February 02, 2006



This is fantastic. Thanks for posting Breakin' 2. Only two of the links don't work-Oye Mamacita and Set it Out. The URLs point to 2004 when they should point to 2006.
Thanks again. I have such great memories of watching this movie as a kid.

Paul Simononymous

I love the Neil Young/Devo collaboration. Absolutely fan-freaking-tastic. Thanks.

Mike Lupica

Sorry, links getting fixed up right now.


Neil has said that human highway will be on DVD at some point. Geez I picked up my copy for like 6 bucks a few years ago on tape.

Vic Perry

So sad to see WFMU repeating the usual garbage about 1974 being a terrible pop music year. There hasn't been as good a top 40 year SINCE 1974. I could go on but I'll save it for my book. All you need to know is that "Angie", a Helen Reddy song about a "crazy girl" who traps a horny boy in her radio, went to #1 that year. And if you can't handle "Rock Your Baby" "Skin Tight" "Billy Don't Be a Hero," "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" or Joni Mitchell's "Help Me" or The Three Degrees or War or Terry Jacks - it's probably because you are A WUSS. Real early 70's pop was OUT. It was FLAMING. It was in POOR TASTE. Baby Boomers CAN'T HANDLE IT.


The link to Frank Garlock's "A Friend of Teenagers" also doesn't work.

Mike Lupica

Sorry about that, it's fixed now.


That Frank Garlock rant + Zappa's "Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny" = Best accidental mashup EVER!


Whoa! this surely took a long time. Really good stuff! Thank u very much


Dunno about paying $60, but I've been wanting to see Human Highway for 20 years since I saw Devo's performance of "Worried Man Blues" from it on Night Flight. Now, if we could only get all the old Night Flights on demand, I'd actually get cable again.

Krys O.

We've got the Human Highway laserdisc at home and it IS a good movie.

Blake Wallington

I love anything Dick Clark, thanks.

"Mad" Max

The $60 at Amazon is for a USED copy. A NEW copy is also available - for $140! In an extremely unusual turnabout, it can be found cheaper on eBay, where the last copy sold for $17.

ray d

according to the soundtrack off your version of breakin 2 is missing these tracks

Do Your Thang (artist unknown)
Combat - Ice-T

Thanks for posting this though, the only other copy of Oye, Mamacita i had previous was a version I'd ripped off a tape version of the soundtrack.
we assume everyone has mentioned Jean-Claude Van Damme is in Breakdance at the start where they go and meet Turbo and Ozone at the beach for the 1st time?

Everyone has spotted him by now, haven't they?


I just love your Breakin 2 shrine. I listen all of the time from work. I can't find the cd anywhere, actually there is one on ebay and it sells for $150 so...I did purchase the vinyl version. Thanks for providing a way to jam!!


i found some more songs that were in this movie..
1. electric boogaloo - ollie and jerry
2. physical clash - ollie and jerry
3. reckless rivalry - ice t.
4. stylin' - firefox
5. i dont wanna come down - mark scott
6. when i.c.u - ollie and jerry
7. radiotron - firefox
8. din daa daa - george kranz
9. gotta have the money - steve donn
10. set it out - midway
11. oye mamacita - rags and riches
12. do your own thing - ollie and jerry
13. go off - afrika islam
14. do your thang - howie rice
15. high tension - j.d. nicholas
16. combat - ice t.
17. jamin in manhattan - james tyzik

Rick Garcia

Devo and Neil Young? I actually forgot that I had seen that movie (it being totally forgettable to a 19 year old trying to figure out how he was going to get laid after bringing a date to this movie) but this song rocked!

Tyvian Corry

if you have Physical Clash by ollie and jerry, please post it, been looking for it for years.

Mike O

Yes please. I have been looking for Physical Clash and a few others by Ollie and Jerry for years. Still cant find it.

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