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February 02, 2006



My favorite Tim Green project was not the Vile Cherubs- their high school mod-punk-prep rock WAS in fact very interesting (caught the band twice), but the Evolution Revolution, whose Billy Childish-inspired band rocked harder than any garage band from DC, scorching, positively scorching. Their live set on my radio show on WMUC circa 1988 is a solid favorite and they are 15 years overdue for a fully-licensed retrospective.

Seth Lorinczi from EvRev went on to a stint in Circus Lupus, the circus of wolves, and Jay Stuckey is a successful visual artist:

The Vile Cherubs scene, made up of mostly prep school kids (and I mean literally pre-college teens) was a multi-culti crew that took both DCHC roots with the breadth of rock history that similarly informed grunge. NOU grew directly on top of that. They stopped emo cold in DC, for which I'm forever grateful.



This is an awesome collection of tracks. Thanks for posting them.


Great post, Mike. And I agree: PFW was a very real phenomenon, I think esp. in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Fugazi TOTALLY galvanized the local punk "scene" in the sleepy hollows of South-Central PA (which also had its great early/mid-90's PFW's: Admiral and Junction - groups whose 7"'s are now scattered across the dollar bins of college town record stores nationwide).


Strange but true - Phleg Camp appeared on an R.E.M. tribute album in 1992. Really.

The Contrarian

Mike, were you the guy in the West Village whom I met last February and bought a few 7" singles from the late 80s/early 90s for $150 so I could pay my heating bill? God, I think I still have a few of those records sitting in my attic, left over from the days before mortgages and kids.

James, I still have that "Suprise your Pig" R.E.M. tribute CD. I probably haven't listened to it since 1992.

Mike Lupica

Nope, not me. I have a problem with people selling punk rock records for large sums of money... Seems like they kinda missed the point of the music. Good art/cheap thrills, etc.


Fugazi like most affluent lefties understood the true commercial value of mythology [history] and have focused on creating a false history of the D.C. music scene.


This is not a Fugazi mythology.

matthew robb

oh christ hot glue gun again. I remember reviewing that single for 'prb and giving it an enthusiastic thumbs down. time, jon solomon, and mike lupica have proved me wrong. are ya gonna post that lifter 7"?

Andy Krunt

It's good to hear sleeper again. Now, I want to pull out their albums. When I was a teenager, I used them to get over a major Jawbreaker jones, not a Rites of Spring one, but sometimes I think the sentiment is similar. I first heard them on the Allied comp. "Music for the Proletariat" which didn't leave my record player for a year. I'm looking forward to reliving the glory of Dogs on Ice.

Dan Casey

Flipping through 7" bins at Third Street Jazz & Rock (RIP) and Repo Records (still going), I must have passed up the Pitchblende and Young Ginns records pictured above something like fifty times in the span of a couple of years. Eerie to see them again. "What did I do with all my money before I started drinking? Oh wait, *that's* it."


Thanks to your blog, I can't believe I tracked down Phleg Camp. I was a classic teenager who sat by the radio with a blank cassette ready to go to record whatever good song came on. Scribbled on the back of a MAXELL UR 90 I have this song, "Argentina" by Phleg Camp. In all these 15 years that have gone by, I have never been able to track it to anything, not that I've been trying that hard. But trying to bring "the music I don't listen to anymore" into my present for some kicks, but now in digital format, I came across this mix tape. Anyway, I always thought this was a cool song. Actually, the rhythm of this song later reminded me of a Primus song, or was it Helmet, but either way, it was a good tune at the time. Can't seem to locate it anywhere else on the internet, though. For what it's worth, I was very excited at the time to hear this on the radio and was excited about a new type of music that I hadn't been privy to yet in my young life. Thanks for the touch stone.


heres some different stuff.......


Hey.. Could you please post that Vile Cherubs CD? It was "reissued" a year ago, but with just the songs off the LP and some live songs. Thanks.

Seth Lorinczi

Hey Sapila,

Actually, the tracks on the CD are from our demos, which are a lot better than the LP. I'm going to stream some audio on the Golden Bears site as soon as I can figure out the software....


will there ever be part 2?

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