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February 11, 2006



Anyone with a perverse wish to watch more bipolar shenanigans might check out Werner Herzog's "My Favorite Fiend." Definitely hoot-worthy. And Klaus's autobiography is a riot, like Knut Hamsen meets Charlie Manson. His criticism of Hollywood and all the sacred cows of the movie industry however are I think right on and incisive. At one point he says of one director something to the effect that "he probably goes home at night and jacks off to his own movies."

Listener James from Westwood

My Best Fiend is a riveting documentary. IIRC, some of the Amazon tribesman offered, to Werner Herzog, to kill the ranting lunatic Kinski in their midst. Kinski declined, saying he needed Kinski alive to finish the film.

Is Hearts of Darkness (the Apocalypse Now documentary) on disc yet? That and Fiend would make a good film exacta one night.

"Every grey hair on my head, I call Kinski." —Werner Herzog


To me Kinski's autobiography seemed more like a Z-grade porn novel, very entertaining though. According to his own account, all women he met in his life immediately wanted to have rough sex with him.


That directer is a total ass, I'm with Kinski on this one...

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crawlspace was just on IFC
pretty bad movie, they really had nothing without klaus

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