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February 21, 2006


Porgie Tirebiter

Probably this is the Dolph Timmerman that hung with Groening in Oregon -
MG says they were buds. His bio (theater guy).



Nobody does this to Dolph. No one!


The prophet, with a 'Danish' on his head


Dr. Colby

The bakery that used to be there had a nice large ceramic horse that stood on it's legs with it's front feet in the air. What do they call it when horses do that? When they do it in the movies they always whinny. Anyway... It was KELLY GREEN and the horse had a GOLD MANE. At least that's what I remember (and you know I have a sieve for a memory...). THEY COULDN'T FIND ROOM FOR THE HORSE in their new twee bakery? It's not environmental enough? It's not 2006 enough? Stupid twee bakery... Now that I've read your post I might have to go in there. I saw their three stacks of cookies, I saw hemp jacket boy, I saw their signs. It's bad enough that the best croissants are at the corner of 10th & 1st, and the best apple turnovers at 11th & 1st... but now the best walnut Roses of the Prophet Muhammed are there? PLUS the web site says they are a "project" of the City Bakery... what does that mean? Does that mean when they tire of their hemp jackets and milk paint they'll open a Dunkin Donuts there? Oh woe to the poor schlub (that would be me) with a pastry weakness...


Yup, same Dolph.


Dolph Timmerman is innocent. These girls made it up to get back at a teacher who had the nerve to expect them to behave and work in class. Other parents have spoken about this as have a number of teachers. Dolph Timmerman is one of the good guys and he is being dragged through the mud by the lies of some vindictive girls. Anyone who knows Dolph knows the truth. And for the rest of you, please, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers. An innocent man is being smeared. This is truly unfair.


Timmerman was cleared of all charges on April 12.

Joe Blow

Dolph was cleared in a court of law. The three girls were lying!

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