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February 24, 2006


Brian Turner

There's a Mike Douglas appearance where Sly gets very uppity about having to move down the couch to make way for Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall to take his turn as guest. The annoyed Sly starts interjecting during Marshall's interview, who in turn slips the word "jungle" into a sentence causing Douglas to diffuse the scene by sitting *between* them.

Zach in Philly

Wow, Brian -- must see!
There's also a Mike Douglas show wherein Tiny Tim covers "Do You Think I'm Sexy," finishing the tune with a full fledged floundering, horizontal recitation of the Jorge Ben rip-off.
Anyway .. was initially just chiming in to "interject": ... because jive is a terrible thing to waste.


Compelling television. Cavett is a pro without being condescending. I'm assuming this was all broadcast live.



That's just sad. The man's a mess.

Krys O.

Actually, Peter Marshall emphasizes the word "shine" (an antiquated racist term) and Sly rises from his seat in disbelief.


Did you really just use the word 'uppity'?
Wow....WFMU, pushing us right back to 1955.
Fuck you.


I must say I agree that the word "uppity" is very reminiscent of racist and bigoted pinheads from pre-1970s, although we still have idiots with us.
It must be genetic.

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