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February 04, 2006


Capitan Aguirre

Way cool! Great new refreshing job in all the songs! Sensational!
Capitan Aguirre


hey guys i was just wondering does anyone know approx how much a 1966 batman and robin record is worth it has 3 stories on it when batman became a coward the fake boy wonder and the marriage of batman and batwoman

please email to scotty_2_hotty_rules@hotmail.com

edward the mad shirt grinder

jimson wonders if the vocalist on the Robin's theme is June Tyson. I've listened most of the Ra recordings ( well maybe only a 100), seen Ra in concert with June. I say the voice isn't husky or dark enough

Pete M. Anderson

Wow, I remember this from when I was a kid! Unbelievable! And has anyone mentioned that the backing track from the Riddler's Retreat is "She Loves You" by the Beatles? Wacky stuff.


Batman robin are the best partners i have ever seen


You can buy it on amazon, it's freely and inexpensively available and has been for ages. This is not exactly a discovery! Similarly 'Unmask the Batman', which someone else asked about is available on the Sun Ra Saturn Singles CD from Evidence, also available on amazon & elsewhere. It is great! Get it!


How has NO ONE on this page mentioned that this includes a (great) covert cover of the Beatles!? :|

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