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February 27, 2006




As always, quite interesting.

Malloy is great stuff. I laughed my balls off while listening to the MP3.

Can't believe the Satellite Sisters, though...


I actually think Franken's show is better without Katherine Lanphur, but your right about the Satellite Sisters. They are just nauseating.

By the way, I have lots of rants about what Danny Goldberg has done to Air America, including this one

I just got XM so I can listen to Malloy again.


Does anyone know anything about Air America losing the New York station?


Hello Professor..I am W2XBS a ham radio operator here in Albany NY. Myself and others produce a weekly program called This Week in Amateur Radio International that airs on WBCQ 7.415, and is also podcast. The program is produced by amateurs around the country, and beyond. I was wondering if you would like to produce a monthly 8 or 9 minute audio piece for our program on SWL. If you would like to e-mail me, I can provide more information. You can check us out at Check out TWIARi. We also produce a news service that airs on the ham bands. Hope to hear from you. 73

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