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February 06, 2006



a double drummer line-up..nothing is better


I'm loving these posts... keep the obsession alive.

whats his name

why cant I ever see avi files? (the DL plugin pg dont help)

fatty jubbo

use VLC.

mr. that guy

here as a QTmov file

mr. that guy

this time with a clickable link HERE


I'm having problems seeing the video too, getting an "error downloading codec" message in Media Player. Real Player doesn't work either. What's VLC?



Thanks I figured it out. VLC is a cross-platform media player.

Tex Lumbago

Seen them live with that line-up in Melbourne same year. The double-drums were sensational, it was only a small pub so they blew the room apart!


I stumbled on to Full Frontal Fashion on WNYE last night & heard
Blindness from the Fall's latest album being used as background music for the Karl Lagerfeld
fall collection show. I let Stefan at The Fall's official web site know.....
more info to follow:

Apparently a fashion show put on by designer Karl Lagerfeld on 10 February in New York (and broadcast on television), used Blindness as background music. The show is available for download for iTunes on the Lagerfeld website. I don't want to install iTunes, but if someone wants to download it and confirm the Fall sighting, please do (thanks to George for writing in).


It is bizarre how this video seems to avoid showing Brix almost completely. It is probably not contractual, since she appears in the next song. Just weird.


they're not lip-synching!!!

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