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February 22, 2006


Jacob Haller

Holy cow, I didn't realize that Gonzo had made a Sex Blogger named Amanda. Who's your friend in picture #6?


that's my blogger boss, i.e., station manager ken. more on Blogger Amanda in my next post


It is quite easy to create, and make famous someone like Amanda. You see, when you have someone as stunnming as she,my creative skills just naturally come out. What a sweetheart, that blogger girl Amanda. Gonzo


oh dear, a FUN FUR sex toy cozy


Oh dear, I just sent in my pledge by mail with a check. Did I blow my chance, so to speak, for the Bucket of Smut?


Amanda Barrett

You're good--just email me.

That's the beauty of the Bucket of Smut--you do your regular pledging (web, phone, mail), then email me [at amanda (at) wfmu (dot) org] to get into the drawing. You get all your regular swag, plus a chance at the free smut. What have you got to lose, besides your self-respect?

sex toys

Does this apply to the UK!!!???


hyluu everybody :))

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