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February 22, 2006



I can safely say that Friday the 13th is one of my favorites too if were going by the amount of mental anguish it caused me upon watching it as a kid. I consider myself one degree seperated from Kevin Bacon because the image of him getting an arrow through the throat is one that I'll take to my grave.

Google Earth is so rad...



Can you find the House from Singles in Seattle ? and some of the goonies sites ?

an easy one as well Coronado Hotel from Some like it hot !!


Bobby Bunny

wow, i cant believe i live a stone's throw from where al pacino held up that bank. i always thought that was in manhattan somewhere. i have to go there tomorrow and check it out.

hey, my friend's dad owned the summer camp where one of the friday the 13th movies was shot, (#3?) it was near Kent, CT. We used to have band rehearsals there and one of the band members was a huge guy named Jason.


How about The Abyss? You'll be looking for a half-built containment building at an unfinished nuclear power plant near Gaffney, SC.


The Psycho House was more or less in this area on the backlot during the shooting of the original film, but was moved into one of the studio's "residential" streets in the late 60s and early 70s, where it remained until the late 70s (we have pictures of it, completely whitewashed, sitting near the "Leave it to Beaver" house, roughly where Amblin Entertainment's offices are now).

It was moved to its current location in 1983 for the filming of "Psycho II". The Bates Motel currently next to the house is NOT the original set, but was rebuilt for the sequel. However, the house is original, having been moved and refurbished a number of times over the years.

Matt Hamrick

Being a Dallasite, I'm surprised you overlooked one of the more important films of the 60's... The Zapruder Film. I still get chills every time I'm home visiting my folks and have reason to drive down Elm St. on the west end of Dallas.


The "Paper St. House" where Brad Pitt & Edward Norton lived was built a few blocks away on the corner of Harry Bridges Blvd, and Neptune Ave. "Raymond K Hessel"'s liquor store was somewhere about halfway in between that location and "Lou's Tavern". It's hard to tell where, because they've demolished all the buildings for about 6 or 7 blocks. I'm doing something similar to this on my blog, This Pedro Thing.


I could have sworn that the parking lot in Back to the Future was at the Carson Mall in Carson, CA. Must've had the same architect, because it was identical.


Very cool idea. I did some searches for spots from Withnail & I--tried to find Uncle Monty's cottage (which is called Sleddale Hall in Shap) but the the photos weren't detailed enough. I did find the Mother Black Cap pub from the beginning of the movie where they almost get stomped by some big dude--complete with park across the street where Withnail & I wait for it to open.

Matt Rochlin

You can save locations in google earth (use the file>Save As will save an xml file with the suffix *.kmz).
Then if you put them in your /images (or whereever) folder on your website and link to the kmz file, people who click on those links will be able to open the location directly in google earth. Handy.

Mark Allen

Bobby - I think your dad's old camp/house in CT may be from "Friday the 13th part 2" - that house, where the main action took place (which I think was seperate from the campgrounds), went for sale on Ebay a few years ago... and it's horror film history was a big selling point. I believe the camp scenes were shot at another nearby camp, but it was definitely in CT (your dad's?). There are several VERY extensive sites on the web about "Friday the 13th" locations (which is how I was able to piece together the specific building locations of the photo from Camp NoBeBoSco above).

Matt - I didn't think of the Zapruder film/Dealy Plaza location (indeed a spot that I creeped out many a visitor with in my years growing up in Dallas; '...and here's the exact spot where Jackie O. tried to crawl out of the back of the car while carying some of her husband's brains... oh and look, there's the grassy knoll over there! Do you think a gun could shoot us from that distance where we are right now on the road?'). But you can see it on GoogleEarth. You may have seen it, but there is a live webcam from the "sniper's" perch at Dealy Plaza here:

Phil - the "Fight Club" documentation on your site is great. It was dissapointing to learn that the Paper St. house and so many other locales from the film are gone. I had no idea actually that the house was so close to the tavern in reality.

Pat - re: "Withnail & I" - cool! I did indeed look for Monty's cottage "Crow Cragg" (really 'Sleddale Hall') in Cumbria outside of Penrith. But, like a lot of rural areas, it was too blurry and ghosted. I would love to find the spot in the park where Richard Grant finally got to play The Dane for a few wolves in the rain.

Speaking of blurry: it was often dissapointing to finally find these film location only to learn that GoogleEarth doesn't reach them (yet) because the area is remote or not popular enough. I found the exact location of the Tanzakademie Dance Academy from "Suspiria," which is the "Haus zum Walfisch," (trans: 'The Whale') building in Freiburg, Germany - but the half of Freiburg that it's in is ghosted-out. D'oh! Also, I really wanted to find the cabin from "Evil Dead" (aparently it has suffered a lot of vandalism and a big fire, but is all still out there in the woods near Newport, TN) - but the area it is in is out of focus on GoogleEarth. Also, until some very P.K.D.-type technology makes satellite image technology more... uh, invasive... (floating drone cameras anyone?) we'll have to settle for broad overhead shots only. Case in point: I was excited to find the apartment complex used for Sam Lowry's neighborhood in "Brazil," with all the rust-colored narrow passageways and weird overhead bridges (I had always assumed this must be a set piece - it's actually a real weird modern apartment complex: the Noisy-le-Grand, outside of Paris). I found it, but with just the overhead shot - it's just an enclosed building. I really, really can't wait for those floating drone cameras to get going and be accessible on the web, so we can actually look inside all these places.

Matt R. - thanks for the tip. As you can see I'm new at GoogleEarth.


FYI - those white buildings between the Psycho House and the Bates Motel are Whooville from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (it's all snowy there)

The Contrarian

My wife hails from the Pittsburgh suburbs and she always told me that the original "Night of the Living Dead" was filmed on an old farm that is now home to two condo complexes in Scott Twp., PA.


Speaking of living dead, no Google Earth tour of movie locations is complete without a visit to Dawn of the Dead's Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, PA:
"This was an important place in their lives"

Also, the Vertigo Then and Now page has some excellent time traveling photos of San Francsico

Brian Turner

Mark, can you find the robot dog's kennel from C.H.O.M.P.S.


Hey, hope you don't mind but I've added these to as a map:

Anyone can add new places to the map so there can be a map of places around the world.


This is the house from singles in seattle (I went to middle school across the street while they were filming it). Unfortunately, I'm at work, without google earth, so I'll let someone else get a good angle on it.,+wa&ll=47.620646,-122.30769&spn=0.000828,0.002682&t=h

T. Spane

Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very cool cool cool Mark. I can't believe you found the sea monster beach from La Dolce Vita. I started to try and find the Terme di Caracalla ruins, where the nightclub scene was shot where Anita Ekberg was spun around with the band and everyone was dancing. I found it, but turns out in the picture that was a recreation of those ruins Fellini had created just for the film, who knew? I'm sure the Trevi fountain could be found, but there's probably a webcam on that these days.



Wow, how cool is that? I've been using Google Earth for a few months. It is addicting. I explore all over the world and places I want to travel to and have been. But never thought of exploring the famous movie scenes. Harold and Maude is one of my all-time favorites too. Looking at the places on Google Earth, I can hear Cat Stevens playing in the background!

Moose Gueydan

dont forget Joliet Prison, from my favorite move, Blue Brothers

or the Honerable Daley Plaza

easy toi find, and in high res---

Colin Butts

I was a frog wrangler on the set of the movie "Frogs" with Sam Elliot, Ray Milland, Joan Van Arc ect in 1972.
It was filmed at Eden Gardens State Park in Florida next to the Choctawhatchee bay, 30 miles West of Panama City in the panhandle (Walton County).
This low budget flick will rank well in the worst movies of all time catagory. WalMart will sell you the DVD for $5. Classic.


colin - OMG!!! i LOVE Frogs! i made my boyfriend sit through it and he couldn't stand it. i'm a sucker for all those flicks they used to show on late saturday afternoons. Sam Elliot is a total hottie in that one. i think i DID actually get it for 5 bucks! my other fave from that era that puts everyone to sleep... Sssssss


Found Abyss site on Google Earth. Not very clear, hopfully a better shot will
come in time. 35 02'10.65" N x 81 30'42.11" W I know this is right, I went in


that's an inspiring idea :) maybe i'll search for places like this too. What i noticed about google earth is they do not update their 'photobase' or how is it called. once me and my friends were to picknick and later decided to find that place on the map. the place we were to picknick was on riverside and there were a bridge near. and guess what! there was NO brigde on google earth. i'm not a specialist, but i think it takes a long period to build a brigde, so i guess some photos are old at google earth.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. What an ingenious use of "google earth" you've come up with. It is always fascinating to me to see the actual locations where movies were filmed, but I never thought to use this particular tool to do it. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

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