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February 22, 2006


Tom Z

Hi there,

Dont know if someone offered this up in the follow up responses above, but I can update you on the Psycho location at Universal (and folks, this stuff isnt on the tour). I have kind of a hidden place where I like to view the Universal backlot from when I visit LA (which is frequently) and for one, I can tell you that the house and motel have not been moved or rebuilt. They are the originals from the Hitchcock movie and they are in the original spot. The stuff piled behind the motel are a load of location props from the Jim Carey movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. They just piled them up back there when the Grinch wrapped. Take care. Cool site!


Go here to find the Fisher King locations.

paul relton

anyone any idea where the nightclub in GO is?

Barry Lynch

The dorm where Matt Damon lived in Goodwill Hunting was filmed at this location in Toronto, Canada - 43,39,44.30 N 79,23,52.22 W. As it happens a few other films also used these grounds like Urban Legends and Cherry Falls. I lived in the dorm Matt Damon filmed in for over a year. My claim to Fame. Barry (Ireland)


Good one.

I am looking for an agency which can provide images or clips of the happenings at a given location (long + lati) and given time (in past within about a month or two). Can u help me locate such an agency pl?

The idea is to investigate and accident.


I stumbled upon this site with a Google search. Great site!

I have a movie location to add. The lake house in the Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeve film was actually built for the film and then dismantled on a lake that has no buildings around it. As luck would have it the present Google Earth satellite pic of this lake has that specially built lake house clear as day! Just plug in 41°42'49.92"N and 87°53'10.56"W and zoom in!



It sounds like you'd really like my new project,, I'm building a search engine for movie and TV filming locations. We have a few of the moviews you posted above, but need more people to contribute to the project.



Hey, the stuff behind the Bates Motel is actually a set for "The Grinch" :)

Alex Paradis

You can also see the house where the Exorcist was fimed. You have to go to the corner of Prospect and 36 in Wasshington dc

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