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February 26, 2006



All the recent Joy Division cover bands (you know who they are) really need to see that Lost Control video. See Ian really did get down, and at least move unlike your lead singers... He (popefucker) posted another (not as nice) video of digital. Great stuff.

As for the American Stonehenge, I live about one mile from the 'real' american stonehenge up here in NH. Like they have solstice programs and the like there. Unfortunately its builders are not even close to as interesting as the ones the guy in that georgia video is railing about.

Cruising Google video and youtube really is a great way to pass some time. For car people there is also where you get to see people doing things they really shouldn't be doing in cars none of us can afford.

Bring on the marathon!


fatty jubbo

I am obsessed with that Les Rita Mitsouko video. Especially Catherine Ringer.


For frightening and compelling, I'll take the Osmonds over Atari Teenage Riot any day of the week:


The Library of Congress has a wonderful collection of Edison films (and some other amazing collections, including some of the New Deal photographs).

I can't get the American Memory page to work right now, but if you go through this link on my blog, you should be able to find it.


You like music videos, as inspired by the very cosmos?

Try these:


Who are the joy division cover bands?


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