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February 16, 2006


pierre martin

Merci beaucoup...


This was also MY first chance of seeing the man playing, it's SO amazing! Thanks for posting man, one of the greatest undigs that I have ever stumbled upon since I first got a browser and an Internet connection


So lovely to see this. I've been a Django guy for years and never seen him play before. I read a biography recently with descriptions of how he played and now that all comes to life. Thanks for this

William Craig

Hi! Thanks for these wonderful clips. As a jazz player, I just wanted to comment on Elis Regina's laughter: She's not forgetting words, as the Ella reference might suggest, but cracking up over the game the pianist is playing with her, a little call-response trading game that becomes so playful and complex (note the little tunes he "quotes") that she can't help laughing. It's a jazz thing, inviting chaos into the performance by throwing challenges at one another that are sometimes -- bliss! -- perfectly caught and matched, and other times -- another kind of bliss! -- dropped, spilling into laughter. A beautiful performance...


Wow - thanks, Ken! Elis & Tom's "Aguas De Marco" is one of the most magical songs I've ever heard - for some reason it just hits me in all the right places. Having the opportunity to see this video - divine!

Tim  Kjær Lange

The Elis Regina-clip is from this DVD: Elis Regina MPB Special.
Elis Regina was among the greatest vocalists in Brasil, and in this part interview part concert she is nothing short of amazing!

Matvei Sigalov

Musicians on that Elis Regina video:
Cesar Camargo Mariano(piano)-her husband at the time
Paolo Braga(drums)


Does any one know what year this video was in?

S Minaee

For people who are interested in this stuff, watch the right-hand technique of Django's backing guitarists (in this case Joseph Reinhardt, his brother, and Baro Ferret) - totally loose and swooping, playing the guitar as a percussion instrument, as it should be played. Also check out how Django feels the swing in between his phrases. But mostly listen to Django.


nice django video, i showed it to my wife, she said, "it sounds like he's playing with 20 fingers"

Oscar Ferio Espinosa

Fantastico el film de Django es la primera vez que puedo ver esos dedos magicos.Muchas gracias por este obsequio.Si hay mas....que vengan.Desde Mar del Plata,Argentina un saludo y prometo que le pasare este video a mis amigos,tal como lo hizo mi amigo [email protected]


Thanks !!! Merci beaucoup pour la video de Django, car pour la première fois je peux voir ce grand musicien en action grâce à ce film.

Laci Trakal

Gracias a vuestra página he descubierto cómo tocaba Django. Es sorprendente.
Desde Mar del Plata Argentina los saluda un fanático del Jazz.
Todo el material que tienen es muy interesante. Avant!


Django is the greatest!

Fernando Fuentes Cervantes

Hi, Mi name is Fernando, i´m from mexico city, i have 23 years old and i´m fan of django´s music since 17, in my country is very difficult to find cd`s or any kind of music of djangos collection, i have just like a little more than 60 mp3`s of django, and in my country i`ve never know about a fan club or something like that, i just speak a little of english, my native language is spanish, so.... my grammar is awful,

However, im just tryin to meet by net, peoples who loves, djangos music, like me, or people with the same interest in gypsy jazz, or jazz guitar,

Sometimes if feel like a weirdo, because i cannot speak with nobody about my music choices,

I hope someday meet django´s fans or something like that

good luck!!

sincerly "fercho"

Ray Marek

Thanks, Ken! Elis & Tom's. great stuff.

Admin of &

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