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February 07, 2006


The Utah Resistance

That Werner... what a character!

Anthony Dolphin

For an eye witness account listen to Mark Kermode on BBC Radio Five Live (February 3rd 2006 archive) - he was the interviewer when Herzog took one in the hip.


Dood, that ain't nothing. Werner just recently rescued Joachim Phoenix from a car accident.,0,6600731.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Werner truly is the Man O' Steel.

Chuck Jones

"It was not a significant bullet. I am not afraid." is the greatest quote ever.

True, a man who trapped himself in the jungle with Klaus Kinski, twice, has little to be afraid of.

Station Manager Ken

If anybody finds audio of the BBC interview, please let me know!



Wtf is this? Bizarro World Karma?

evan cordes

It doesn't contain all of Herzog's wonderful phrases mentioned in the article, but video (!!) footage is here:

and the aforementioned recounting of the shooting by the interviewer is available (at around 8:42) here:

no footage found (yet!) of him pulling the phoenix from the wreckage.


Um, why did Warner get shot in the junk with a BB gun? Is this a Theo Van Gogh thing, or a "Hey John Malkovich, heads up" thing?


"Accidentally with my trowel I kill a flower. The world is chaos. I am unsuccessful at crying."

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