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March 13, 2006



As always, thanks for sharing this, Prof.


Thanks for these posts,

I got my first 'real' shortwave receiver in 1966, an old National of early 1950's vintage. Today's radios are the stuff that dreams were made of back then.

Over the last decade, I have listened with a Sony ICF-2010. It's a really great radio with amazing sensativity and adjustable bandwiths. A syncronous detector virtually eliminates hetrodynes and I would highly recommend looking for that feature to anyone considering investing serious money in a radio.

Dale Hazelton

In reference to CRI, Professor, I'd like to share some info on another interesting medium: Free-to-air mpeg2 satellite. I put in a Skyvision system a couple of years ago that receives free unscrambled TV signals and radio channels via Telstar 5, Galaxy 3 etc. satellites, and it's some of the most interesting stuff out there. It's alot like shortwave, constantly changing, with a ton of religious stuff, from Bob Jones University TV to a Buddhist and Maharishi-type broadcasting. State run TV from Iran, United Arab Emirates, Myanamar (THAT was scary), Dubai etc. The ocassional english movie with Chinese or Arab subtitles. Great music videos from India and the Persian Entertainment Network. Oh, and there's alot of proramming from L.A. and even NY targeting the Persian community. One channel is just an infomercial selling Persion rugs via telephone auction from a Queens warehouse! If you like soccer, there's almost always a match on. But a channel I always watch is the english broadcast of state-run CCTV, China Central Television ( Fantastic documentaries and travelogues, interesting news coverage and cultural programming. Check out Culture Express, and Texas-born host Cathleen Chang for what's hip in Beijing right now. If you just watch this programming, you get the idea that China is hip and progressive, the rural farmers are fat and happy, and that everyone shares in the prosperity. What's also intersting is that you'll notice a new class of neuvau-rich living the high life with expensive clothes, dining and real estate in the major cities, just like Manhattan. These are not the evil red-devils we were taught about in Social Studies class 30 years ago (or at least the Chinese government wants us to believe this). You definitely see the effects of the world farming out all it's industrial jobs to this hemisphere.

If you really love the concept of shortwave, check out Skyvision's website for a system and programming list. I spent about $700 for a top of the line receiver with a dish mover (the dish is about 36" across). But you can get a fixed dish system and cheaper receiver for much less. You just need a clear stab at the southern sky. Again, it's always changing, depending on who can afford the air time, and the english language broadcasting is spotty. If I could get the mover aimed correctly to fully scan the satellite arc I could get alot more english broadcast stuff. Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I though this may be something your readers might like to investigate.

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