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March 23, 2006



I've been a big Attwenger fan for years, but had no idea they had a cassette before their first album. Thanks!

The Contrarian

I saw H.P. Zinker at Maxwell's back in 1989 or 1990. Wasn't the band's first CD the initial release for that tiny little record label known as Matador?


Yes, the first Matador record, OLE-001, was H.P. Zinker's ...And There Was Light. The release was followed by a fairly swift and bitter parting of the ways between band and label, of which I don't have the details. This mini-album, however, was preceded by several Europe-only releases on vinyl and cassette, one of which is represented above by "Don't Know What's Going On." The version of the song "Sunshine," later a staple of H.P. Zinker's set (and composed by fellow Tirolean Peter Tolloy), comes from Hans' second solo release.


If this is Part I, I can't wait for Part XXIV.

Amazing post, thanks!

Daisy Sun Lover

What does one have to do in this weary world to purchase an "Uncle Wiggly Live in Austria '91" CD?


Thanks for the great post! I suspect that the Extended Versions are the same (or precursors) of the More Extended Versions, who released a great split CD with Cpt Kirk &, a band from Hamburg. It was a Robert Wyatt tribute, but it also had Cypress Hill covers and other stuff which they associated with Wyatt. I loved that CD, but I think my ex-girlfriend snatched it from me. Oh, and Jason Forrest told me that he is doing an Attwenger remix, I can't wait for that.

Joe Ehrbar

You shoulda included some Uncle Wiggly tracks as well. When I was a DJ at a college radio station in Spokane, WA from 1990-92, we played the hell out of your Shimmy Disc records. We loved anything associated with Kramer. Thanks for the great post.


i miss uncle wiggly like you would not believe.


Wow that Attwenger stuff is exclusive!


Great to see Uncle Wiggly videos on utube from this period. Just managed to get He Went There lp. Great stuff.

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