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March 22, 2006



I'm so full of cake.
If I eat any more cake I'd have to vomit first.
Sometimes I'll eat 2 or 3 cakes in a single day.
I love cake!
I can't be any clearer than that.
I love cake!
I'll eat every cake in New York City.
I can't even go into bakeries anymore because I'll eat all the cake.
I'll say "Where's the cake? Gimme the cake! Get the cake!"
And they say, "We know how very much you love cake, and we know you very rarely have the money for any of our cake, so get outta here, because you can't afford our cake! But we know how much you love cake, so get outta here, you can't afford the cake!"
I'll punch somebody in the head for some cake.
Give me all your cake!
I love cake!
Gimme the cake!
I love it!
I love cake!
Gimme your cake!
[sinister laugh]


Here's the full poem (or a longer version of it, apparently)...


OK, here is my version: Psychedelic Cake

Faust W.H.B. Gertz

And here is my version: Faust reads 'Cake'. Looks like Lucas and I had a similar idea.

Ralph Walters

I could listen to Vicki Bennett reciting "Cake" all day...


Very sweet makes me hungry...for cake :)


I took all instances of "cake" out and put them on one track, then duplicated and reversed that track and then added some percussion. Cake remixed.


Norm Bourgeois

Found this on Live Journal - didn't see it posted here... Ass Grocers - Cake

Irwin Chusid

This is SUCH a GREAT idea, Kenny!!!
Clever, imaginative, brash!!
Who thought of it?!?


Kenny G.

You did, Irving, dear! Without you, I'm nothing.


Jim Colby

Who is this "Todd Colby"? Could it be the son I abandoned 43 years ago in Minnesota? How can I confirm this? Our family has loved cake for thousands of years. Does he have a birthmark on his lower back in the shape of Laura Bush?
Please help!

Amie Winnie

Hey Nester!!!

paul lares

i hate cake i avoid anything desert related cookies cream smothered in ice cream i think cake sucks i drink enough beer that my sugar level is way to high to enjoy the daliances into the trivial pleasure of something like cake of course the poem is first class i just hate fucking cake period


"In the Merry Month of Cake" - I'm stunned.
Henry Youll was my great-great-great etc etc Grandfather and wrote "In the Merry Month of May" in 1608. I cannot say how brilliant it is to hear the caked-up version. Thank you!

Listener Katya

-- CHALLENGE! Here's another rant just begging to be recorded! --

"... a little rant about accuracy and aspiring to be correct. Following in the tradition of good rant interpretation, it was immediately recorded by some fans. The project was then opened up to the world, including you, yes you! Let off a little steam, go crazy and perform your own audio interpretation of the rant."


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