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March 30, 2006


Emily Armstrong

(Public Screening of Nightclubbing coming up March 31 in NYC)

"I just watched a screening of "Nightclubbing: The Original Punk Rock Music
Video Series," by Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong. These two women hauled
video equipment around and filmed some extraordinary footage of the nascency
of New York punk.

Highlights for me included:

The Dead Boys, both by themselves and "assisted" by Divine;

Debbie Harry singing the VU's "Femme Fatale";

A wrinkle-free Iggy Pop assaulting his mike stand, with the Sales Brothers
in tow;

A short-haired Bad Brains blasting through "12XU";

The Heartbreakers in two different decades -- out of tune in both;

The Cramps being creepy and stunning, and mixed so that the vocals were
pretty damn audible;

Max Blagg's harrowing heroin poetry;

A teenaged Talking Heads doing their uneasy, all-acoustic "Psycho Killer";

So many incredible songs in there, by Suicide, John Cale (in a leg cast and
surgical scrubs), Stilettos (feat. Tish & Snooky of Manic Panic fame),
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, the Contortions, DNA, Suicide, the Dead Kennedys,
the Bush Tetras, lots of Richard Hell... and hell, even the Go-Gos were cute
and fun... And everybody was so damned YOUNG in these

* * * * * * * * *

So anyway, there will be a public screening of this footage on Friday, March
31, at 6pm (doors open at 5:45) at NYU's Cantor Film Center (36 East Eighth
Street). After the viewing, the filmmakers will be discussing the film and
its cast of characters (they knew everyone back in the day, and were
throwing fun anecdotes around, all this evening)...

It's a bit early, but it's all freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

There will also be an after-party at CBGB from 8:30 to ???. Lots of scary,
over-the-hill, Pun Krock Kollektors playing scary, over-the-hill, Pun Krock
Kollektible music. Max Blagg doing a reading of some sort @ 10pm.


Wow, this stuff is all great. Especially the all-star R. Wyatt jam. Thanks for the heads up on the other sites you track. Too bad rapidshare sucks...


Caravan - a wise choice ! I have some of their albumns. . . their sound is on the verge of being brit-funk !

Nom De Plume

Thank you so much for this -- I'm a huge Wyatt fan and I've of course seen pictures of him but had never seen any footage of him singing. Watching him sing "Sea Song" literally made my eyes well up a bit, so gorgeous and so sad and beautiful.

YouTube doesn't behave right on a Mac, so if you feel like posting any of his others, please know that it'll be appreciated.


Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog. I have more Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt's videos to upload in the future...

Bye from Italy ;-)

Carlos Henrique

Great videos, great blog, thank you.

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