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March 01, 2006


Brian Turner

Did anyone ever reissue End Result? I lost my LP somewhere down the line.

Mike Lupica

Yo Turner, I donated my copy of the End Result record to the FMU Record Fair stock two or three years ago. You blew it, homepiss!!! :P



Geoff  Greenberg

Oh Wow! You just don't know how impossible it is to find this even in Chitown. Rair, rare and rayre. Thanks!!!


Great stuff. Makes my lunch easier to digest.


Reminds me of the plastic ono band for some reason . .. Did Yoko invent no-wave ?

Hell's Donut House

Autumn Records honcho Terry Nelson has been promising for years to reissue Busted at Oz on CD (perhaps even the complete sessions); if anybody sees him, give him a little nudge for good luck...

Steve Smith

I can get you a copy.
middle age crisis End Result is forthcoming.
Get us a gig.
Steve Smith
End Result

Rick Ele

I'd cherish an End Result reissue including the album and that gnarly gratefest from the "Master Tape 2" compilation. Someone should get on it!

bob damrau


busted at oz was a hoot - we sucked rope!

peace and love to all...bob.damrau

Joan G.

I had the pleasure of seeing Silver Abuse play on several occasions. I was a big fan then and I really appreciate the links to the cuts I have not listened to Cubin Homo Farm in at least 20 years and it still holds up. I am grinnin from ear to ear.

Camilo Gonzalez

You guys got it all wrong. Our atonal skronking had nothing to do with No Wave, a movement we preceeded, but by a total inability to play our instruments (save Mr. Durango). We were immensely talented, as history would attest, and we like to think our rantings were beyound mastubatory. The early Silver Abuse was more about a slavish devotion to pure minimalism than to noise.

John Lundin

Silver Abuse is a punk band


I'm hurt that my tenure with Silver Abuse is never mentioned. OK, so I was only in the band for about 20 minutes, but still... What's Boppin' Billy up to these days anyway?


If you want to see all the various lineups of Silver Abuse, go here:

Dave Purdie

C'mon Gonz - if our "rantings were beyound mastubatory" you would have shown up to practise more often.

J. Lundin - your tenure with Silver Abuse?? was that the time you pulled the plug on the amps and kicked us out of your loft??? just be satisfied with your 20 minutes with Naked Raygun and leave it at that (whazzup, JL??, long time.. still in Chitonw??).

band reunion on Bosco's birthday 8/18.. details pending.

marco pezzati

dave, camilo, et al...can you contact boppin' billy for me? i'll be in chicago friday, september 14th to gig at the empty bottle. i'd like to see bill, the two of you, paul and any others still alive. here's my email: [email protected]
i recall being in silver abuse as well -is this true? would have been one of the non-suck lineups of course. and hey, how come no one is talking about the female climateric? that was ROCK. i still have the tapes to prove it.


if you want to see and hear what the fuss is about, come to the silver abuse/wayouts/toothpaste reunion show on saturday, december 29, starting at 9:00pm at the lucky gator loft, 1278 n. milwaukee avenue, chicago.

more info about the show and the bands at:

info on the opening act, the diamond stretch, making their chicago debut, can be had at:

thanks! bob.d.

Dave Purdie

'twas fab!!!

next show - 2032AD... thx everybody!!! see you then.

some pics from 12.29.07 reunion -


It's not 2032AD but we're doing it again...Sept. 6 at Lucky Gator Silver Abuse with Das Kapital!!!!!

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