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March 02, 2006



there's something about the poses and the deliberate progression and the multiple angles that lead me to believe that these images are stills from a film, and a fictional one at that.

oh how I wish there were an image search where you could feed the engine an image and the engine would find similar images across the internet!


Given the Russian on the bottle's label, I would guess that it's an early space flight experiment.

Get the pig drunk so it feels no pain, then shoot it out of a cannon to see if the sudden acceleration will cause any bodily harm.

W. Shedd

It is from the Russian mock-umentary Perviye Na Lunye (First on the Moon) - so yes, the photos are not "real".

fatty jubbo

yea- the procession of images did seem a bit too filmic to be something actaully real...and a bit too comedic as well. but we could only wish! thank you for the info, W. Shedd.


that pig definitely gonna post to


They need that in Afghanistan.

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