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March 24, 2006


Krys O.

Egg-cellent post, Lord Shepp. You should have a regular gossip column and be the Jackie Harvey of the WoofMoo blog.


I only wish I could write posts like that. Beeptacular! And hopefully only the beginning. Thanks, Mr. Ed!

fatty jubbo

ya' know- I always thought Howard Stern would look better without all that outdated goofy long har.

As for Dallas- The goddamn themesong is always going through my head, I always find myself whistling it. That and Joe Jackson's "stepping out"... Thanks to a goddamn coworker who pointed out these odd melodies to me years ago.

is it me? I, for some reason, always get the theme song to Dallas confused with the theme song to Airwolf.



Listener James from Westwood

Fatty, I recently confused the Dallas theme with the one from CHiPs. I think many of those 80s themes melt into a single, amped-up drama-glom after a decade or so.

I almost dated a woman who had the Knight Rider theme as her cell ringtone. That she answered it while talking on her land line with me partly explains the "almost" in the previous sentence.

Welcome to the blog, Ed! I could hear you narrating this post while I read it. I blame either a surfeit of your show or a deficit in my antipsychotics.


Enticing, awinspiring, biblionical, rudexplicit, timessquareneonable, blogofmassinformational...

And thanks fatty jumbo. Now i got that airwolf thingy buzzing my cranium again! Duu-dududu-duuu didididuuu...

james t

My dad used to say that the proper English word for a vagina wig was a bowser... We used to laugh at ads on tv in the 60s when the uk sweet manufacturer Callard and Bowser used to come on advertising toffees or mints...


I used to love to talk about the merkin at school . I was so pleased to see it on the blog. I remember a friend of mine told me of it in high school although I always thought of it as just a pubic (nongenderspesiferiffic) wig. But of more imediocentri80s importance I remember a show that came on after like "Remington Steel" called "Manimal" starring Simon MacCorkindale. Man that show was freaked out! But I always thought it would go to be like the next Dallas or something. and I think the title song was similar to "Airwolf". I was blindsided when it was cancelled after a half a season. Phillistines!! I thought it was such a cool show.


Around the corner from Lincoln center is a place called the Merkin concert hall. Someone went from cradle to grave with the name Merkin and endowed this center for the arts with it. I imagine a democratic party fundraiser held there "Replace Bush, at Merkin concert hall"


pseu braun has a merkin?!


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