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March 05, 2006


Listener Howard

This is my favorite TV show EVER! One of my most prized possessions is the actual 4DVD box set (not the burned copies), it took months to find! I actually made a copy of the soundtrack CD for FMU years ago, dunno if they still have it around...

Hi Lukas, I'm Mrrranda & Alexandra's friend Howard -- I really like your posts!


I hate to spill your bong water, but that ain't dope. It's FLIT.
FLIT bug repellent. You light the coil and the smoke keeps the mesquitos away...


All the Dr. Seuss commercials for FLIT on that page feature a sprayer, not a smoking coil. It could well be mosquito repellant, but the Japanese variant seems to be psychoactive. Kind of like snorting detergent or shooting up bug powder, or whatever else people were doing in those good old times.

Ben List

The Japanese name is "katori senko" and its no more psychoactive than a bad-smelling incense. Its used sometimes in the summer months to ward off mosquitos in particular, however the actually effect on mosquitos is actually dubious. Its a little tough to tell perhaps with the cheapo mask but the dragon was waking from sleep and not a drug-induced stupor.
Apparently katori senko is derived from pyretheum which is used as a common natural insect repellent. Other than a reference to the main characters in Burroughs' "Naked Lunch" being addicted to a pyretheum roach repellent, I can't find any sources on the net which suggest any specific psychoactive effects.

Strange Findings

I posted a favorite Kure Kure clip here:


How about this:


How does one find the original 4 DVD box set (the unburned version)? I have done some searches but seems everything is burned copies.

The samurai one was good, can only assume the dragon was killed by the octopus, which is just as well since the book was all about turning the octopus into sashimi!


You get the original 4 DVD box set at Amazon Japan:
Cheaper then a dope coil.


Thanks for the link.....although I am having trouble getting the site to work in English.
Will this DVD set play on stateside-US DVD players?

Listener Howard

The Amazon Japan link posted above is for used copies of the box set, starting at ¥31,800 ($268), although I do think it says the used copies are 'new' or 'like new' condition... The DVDs are NTSC, so they will play on North American TVs, but they are also region 2 so you must have an all-region player...


Thanks for the info...268 bucks sounds like a lot of scratch,though... those DVD-R's at are sounding a bit more appealing (and viable) right now..

Listener Howard

Shammy, have you pledged to the station during this marathon?


No, can't say that I have made a pledge....I am on the west coast & stumbled onto this site while googling for Captain Beefheart...

Strafverteidiger München

nicest videso i ever seen. Thanks!


It is a good thing these sorts of programmes are not on the cable television, other wise I surely would cease all other activities and become a devoted slave to it. dju!

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