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March 12, 2006



I may be a statistical outlier but there are a few things that would have gotten me to up my pledge further that you may wish to employ during next years marathon.

Firstly some physical/historical/aesthetic explanation of that bayonet guy statue a mile or so from the studio. I offer you my hypothesis. I've been a little busy to follow up with research but it may be a good starting point. So here goes: The soldlier is Roger Waters' dad, the angle of the bayonet rifle can be explained by its being wielded by 2 Romulans employing their renowned chicken fighting close combat technique as well as their cloaking device which would explain their invisibility. The rifle is in a state of discharge in the moment represented by the statue which explains why it is visible. It must un-cloak to fire. A self published chapbook expanding on these ideas or perhaps bringing in other hypotheses accompanied by a panel discussion would certainly encourage me to 'give till it hurt.'

Similarly if the Hoof -n- Mouth Sinfonia could perform a Brit-pop style interpretation of Magma's Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh in it's entirety I might even dip into my Kobaian tattoo fund, which includes airfare to New Zealand.

Anyway those are things that would interest me.

I don't get out much but some things that I think might go over with other listeners are the following:

Tanning booth designed specifically for the left arm, for an ironic trucker's tan. Again, I might be behind the curve on this one, but you must admit Americans love gadgets.

The Happy Listener's Guide to Spud Cannon Legislation.

The Happy Listener's Guide to Spud Cannon Litigation.

See the trick with these last two is you offer one on the first week of the marathon then the other on the second week. This way you get them coming and going. Who would want one but not the other? It's only once in a while I can catch lightning in a jar like that.

So I am making light of the marathon a little, but only because you guys are great and I'll be sending in my pledege shortly.

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