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March 25, 2006


Martin Iles

He has a website...


oh man, thank you for this. this is even better than my Heaven's Gate video.


truly an embrassement to any who has the objective of getting laid


who ever decided to release this insane rambling fruitcake was a genius/ i cant stop throwing up in my mouth in horror ... hilarious!


this looks great ,
think I'll have to sample the hell out of
it for one of my next mixes
cheers, BTW Blog WFMU is just TOO GOOD!!
I love this place - love a fawning fan


Well, as an acting administrator of the Church of the Subgenius, I can't condone the release of information relative to our internal operations.


The androgyne christ also has another website at

mr. mike

It's good background noise, but MAN none of it really sticks together! Even at his most schizophrenic, Francis E. Dec stuck to the script better than the slightly addled Xxenogenesis. It's a word salad squared!

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