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March 28, 2006



Mike, if I had been there for lunch today I would have stuck up for John Barleycorn Must Die because that album is killer. In fact, I'll play a track from it on my next show in protest. A pox on thee.


That's okay, Mike. You don't have to protect me with the "frozen food" euhpemism. I am not ashamed to admit that I was about to eat a quiche.


Although, I probably should be.


I cannot believe someone would have the gall to dis both the Allman Brothers and Traffic in the same blog post! Such heresy! Were it not for the subsequent endorsement of both Iron Maiden and self-decorated jackets (my Dad wouldn't let me have a denim one for some reason, so I wound up with a khaki one with the Led Zep I album cover lovingly rendered in Jiffy Marker) I would summarily declare one of those fat wah-wah things the terrorists are always on about.

Also, the one kid in my Grade 6 class who had one of those painter-hats-with-Foreign-Legion-flaps was universally declared a sartorial and haberdasherial God for sporting it. I don't recall what happened to him after that; I can only assume it was some sort of spontaneous human combustion catalyzed by excessive hat-related awesomery.

Jeffersonicus Diatomaceous Skate-Key

I'll be goddamned if "Fat Wah-Wah Things" isn't the best
band name I've heard in awhile. I'd go as far as to propose
it's on the same level as "Ornamental Coleman Lantern" or
"Ancient Chinese Penis" (that venerable member of the Wang


Whenever you decide what's "cool" and what isn't, you court the abyss. I probably return to the music of Traffic and the Allmans more often than that of a lot of "cool" artists, to tell you the truth. I also tend to agree with Scott that Metalheads do, and have always lived "in a universe entirely of their own creation." Also, for the record, my junior high/high school denim jacket (which was actually a vest), was adorned on the back with a meticulously hand-painted Dead Kennedys logo.

We had a cool, lumpy couch outside the Froeberg studio, if I recall. I'd love to take an infra red DNA-revealing lamp to that baby now! I do remember that Bud Styple preferred to pass out on the record library floor.

The Contrarian

Mike, I would have bought you all lunch if I was present to sit in on that conversation in the studio.

Oh, and do I get any bonus points for once owning one of those painters hats w/flaps done in a black & white checkerboard pattern a la Jeff Spicoli's Vans sneakers in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High?"


I am dismayed by the failure of "weapons hippies" to work their way into the metal conversation. Please dig a little deeper next time. They, after all, had some similar bloodlines, and "weapons hippies" livens up a lunchtime conversation (and blog) than "metalheads." I'm interested to hear a comparison of their cultural places/evolution. Is it a real, or just perceived connection? Discuss.

You at least reminded me of the culture of shoe-writing, which may or may not still exist, and was a distinct countercultural art form in suburban high schools of the 1980s.

Are you actually sitting there, taking minutes?


I was under the impression that minutes were to be approved at the
outset of the next meeting before being publicly promulganted.
Where I come from such a violation of Robert's Rules would be dealt with harshly. Next thing it will be a "talking feather" or a "vibe checker." Philistine dilettantes!


On Wednesday, my department, in a spirit of collegiality or something, has lunch together in the cafeteria. We talked about Chinese Middle School History Textbooks.

vic perry

Friends and I bought tickets to Asia before their first album came out. We were expecting them to be prog. They didn't have much material at the show. They played Heat of the Moment twice, the second time as an encore. Carl Palmer performed a revolving drum solo before a gong. Steve Howe did that harmonics thing he did. We inflated medical gloves and launched their powdery selves like balloons over the people in the Fox Theater in San Diego. We took shrooms after the show and lived On Eno Land while the wallbles burled. The next day was more high school.

vic perry

i forgot to mention carl palmer took his shirt off, your girlfriend said it was very exciting, the keyboard player had been in the buggles, he had airline headlights on his bank of synthesizers, banks of synthesizers are like river banks

trader ric

to reiterate, traffic/early allmans are amazing, otherwise a spot-on post.

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