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March 01, 2006



Growing up doesn't mean giving up fun things. It means you don't have to care what other people, who you don't know or respect, think about you. Silly is good forever.


Krys O.

Yeah, screw 'em if they can't take or understand the joke.

Parker Jacobs

Ouch! Sorry you outgrew us. I think you're new wallet's pretty cool, though. I'd rock it.
I guess I'll still frequent this blog, but maybe not daily any more ;).
Your friend,
Parker Jacobs
Senior Design Director
Paul Frank Industries
Neverland Division


I just turned 40 recently and purged all my Hello Kitty pocketbooks to my 25 year old punk rock niece. I got embarrassed by them all of a sudden too! Having someone to send them to made it a bit less difficult, though I still mourned.


I still like Paul Frank. And Sanrio.


Moistworks blog
addressed this dilemma a while ago (27.2):

"J. and I are talking - wondering, really - about how strange it is to go to bed one night feeling like a teenager, and wake up the next morning - a thirty-something - a future home-owner - a husband - a wife - a bestower of proud familial names - a real woman, or - for imaginative purposes, and keep in mind that I don't know you personally - a full-grown man."

I feel like that often, and I'm almost forty. I just try to think that being "grown-up" and taking care of business isn't the same as being boring, buying boring-looking stuff or looking boring.

That Darn Kat

"Teenile" is an excellent coinage, may I borrow it? I'm 45 and similarly afflicted. I didn't really start to question my age-inappropriate tastes (Powerpuff Girls backpack, assorted Sanrio crap, etc.) until this year. I think the corporate-type job I took this summer, my first ever, had something to do with it. However, my Hello Kitty sneakers and my socks with the repeated intarsia image of "Chef" from South Park make my 26-year-old boyfriend smile, which makes me feel a bit better about these things, I admit...

So I'll buy that sparkly skull wallet offa you if you've still got it. (It'll go with my red sparkly checkbook cover with the flaming skull patch that I bought at a local craft fair two Christmases ago.) Regardless of your accessory choices, Bronwyn, you rock, now and forever.

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