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March 26, 2006



Great video thanks a lot for pointing that out ! Sister Rosetta is such a great performer and quite a dual personnality 'cause she has one step in the Gospel and the other in the Blues. It is similar to Son House which also played a lot of Gospel while he was quite a real delta performer !

Thanks again !


I can't tell you the feeling of euphoria I got watching a woman in her finest Sunday dress break into a pretty ripping guitar solo. If there were more women like her around, I might actually go to church. Thanks for the video!


A great but terribly brief clip of Tharpe a-strummin' appears in the film Amelie.

Krys O.

And a bit of Sharpe playing appears in one of the episodes of the Blues documentary series produced by Scorsese. This is fabulous though!


Jeez....that guitar solo is like a love filled bolt of lightning that tears through your heart.......

ukraine girl

great video!


Praise the Lord! The sister seriously shreds.
Restores my faith

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, was the BOSS,then and the boss now her voice is clear and sharpe and you can understand every word she says. May God, rest her soul
Daniel Hameed
[email protected]

Barack Obama

She Rocks.

That's not an SG, it's a Le Paul Custom. They started as a Les Psaul, but les din't want to endorse it, so it changed to SG.


The guitar is not a Gibson SG. It's a 1961 Les Paul Custom. For a few years in the early 60's Gibson sold that body with the Les Paul name on it but Les Paul didn't like it so they went back to the single cut body and the double cut went into hiatus for a short time before returning with a few changes as the SG.

Greg Rasheed


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