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March 19, 2006



And no mention of the gloriously steamy "Strokin'" by Clarence Carter?

andrew jones

or that jellie roll morton off-takes that Luc Santa is always going on about. But I gather that's more just cursing and a rather honest apprasial of race in his time than smut from what I gather.



great songs


This is great! I had several of these on a compilation called "If it Ain't a Hit I'll Eat My Baby" but it got lost somewhere along the way. Thanks for helping me replace them!


Holy shit. If you have more of this kind of music, please share! "Somebody else was sucking my dick last night" has become one of my all-time favorite songs in record time.


You're a champion.


The omission of "Strokin" is an egregious error. I just don't feel sassified without it. If the mp3 is needed, I can provide.


OK, I am pleading ignorance, I don't know the song "Strokin'" and I don't have the MP3. If someone uploads it somewhere where I can get it, or emails it to [email protected], I will add it.


"Strokin'" posted to Lukas just this moment!

Paul Herzberg

I discovered Bo Carter sometime last year on a blues compilation that had his "Don't Mash My Digger So Deep" on it, sample lyric "if you don't want my peaches don't touch my tree". I also found words on the Internet to a number of his other songs including the above mentioned "Weiner" and "Put My Banana In Your Fruit Basket".

At a local Jam session, I annoy the many Sax players by singing Bo's "All Round Man", sample lyric "I ain't no Auger man, no Auger man's son, but I can blow your hole till the Auger man comes along", to Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon". Good times!


Here, Lukas has offered us some hard-to-find tracks, the rare experience, and all some individuals can think of to say is, "Where's 'Strokin'?"

It's sad to me that so many people troll this blog, lying in wait only for the opportunity to criticize, correct, qualify, or add their two cents to something that someone else has taken the time to write, prepare and share.


Fred Wolf was a local celebrity in Detroit in the 50's and 60's. He had been a top flight professional bowler who went on to host a couple of syndicated bowling shows that usually ran early Saturday or Sunday afternoon. He was also the morning DJ on WXYZ AM Radio which was a top 40 station in Detroit at the time. So it does make sense that Cub Koda who grew up in the Detroit area could have dreamed this up.


For anyone interested, the Asylum Street Spankers do their own X-rated tunes on the EPs Dirty Ditties and Nasty Novelties, including Shave 'Em Dry and Rotten Cocksucker's Ball. Good dirty fun.


I found this little ditty through the 78's posted on the creative commons. It's Cliff Edwards (the voice of Jiminy Cricket) with a ripe little double entendre song "I love mountain women"



when i lived on the east side of austin, the bar across the street (scoot inn) had an outdoor jukebox... which played 'strokin' VERY loudly... about 358 times a DAY. for FOUR YEARS. needless to say, i am FAR more familiar with it than most of its apparently-legion fans, and i gotta tells ya: it ain't that great. one time i retaliated by playing the first holy modal rounders record at rocket-launch volume; one of the rougher rummies walked over and exclaimed 'hey, i saw dem in new york!'

that was a good neighborhood...............

anyways, thans for the smut!


"Strokin" is not omitted. I never heard any of these, I've heard Strokin MANY TIMES and by more than a few performers... Thanks for the tracks Lukas.

For those that dig these tracks I do have some suggestions for you to search out if you have not heard them:

1. Blowfly, just about any album / song from him. I suggest "The Incredible Fulk". A good number of his tracks are parodies... "Shitting on the Dock of the Bay", "First Time Ever I Came on Your Face".

2. The unusual 2 LP set Erotica and Erotica 2 (I think the label was Fax Records 1960/61). Erotica was an interesting project. It was naughty Scottish Highland and Elizabethan period songs played by a bluegrass band. The songs had very poetic sexual references by today's standards and probably would pass today's FCC obscenity standards. However, throughout the recording was a soundtrack of people having sex in the background. It is a strange album. I have a copy of Erotica 2 on vinyl.

3. The Pork Dukes.

john notarianni

love you lukas! we demand more bothkinds posts, though

~john and meg


If you like this, see the collection of bawdy music, drinking songs, and dirty toasts. The site used to host a massive archive of mp3s at low bitrate for preview, but it doesn't seem to be around. The rapper J-Zone has, among other things, rapped in a duet with his penis ("Trojan War") and over a sample of "It's so neat to beat my meat." In the first half of the song "Edit These," J-Zone (like NOFX in Please Play this Song on the Radio) tries to get more airplay by rapping normally and time-reversing all the obscenities. In the second half of the song he gives up -- the rap plays backwards and only the obscenities are intelligible. Good stuff.


That's not the Strokin' I've heard. Chipmunks-like vocals? Um, that's not right. It's played with fair regularity at lindy hop swing dancing exchanges for the yuk-factor... and banned from the same due to over-[ab]use. I'd send you the real version of the song if I had it. Hope you can find it elsewhere.


Is it just me or are there weird fip-fip-fip sounds at the end of "Shave 'em Dry"? I d/led it twice and got the same result.

Thanks for the great work on the blog. "Shave", "Rooster", "Think Twice" and both "Cocksucker" songs are all stupendous!


Speaking of the Asylum Street Spankers, their music video version of "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV" is currently showing at


DOOOOD!!! I have been searching for these tracks for years! Thank you, and may you always have a big cheesy grin when ever you need it!

jack davinci

The Immortalia links don't seem to work...

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