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March 16, 2006



Great story. Many happy returns to yourself and the Slugster. Le Feile Padraig fe sean is fe mhaise dhuit!

Webster Hubble Telescope

I also get more out of WFMU than I put into it. Thanks for the story.

Jeff T

With all these people getting more then they put in, I can't help but wonder if WFMU is some kind of elaborate radio pyramid scheme.

Ray Zinnbrann

My god, fifteen years. I remember it all like it happenedyesterday. Azalia Snail at the Gas Station????? Where did the time go!

Bronwyn, it's been a long while since we've seen each other, but this post brought it all back for me. I hope this fifteenth anniversary is your absolute happiest.

Krys O.

Happy Anniversary! I'll have to tell Di about her place in history. : )


15 years. Ah, that was a sad day in Rix History. Paisley tights, yeah.


What a lovely story!

Azalia Snail

Saw this & had to say, it's cool to be part of your luv story... The Gas Station was, I believe, one of my first three shows ever. Zany Tim Ray had aluminum foiled the whole back wall & we tried to project Super-8 flicks over it. May all the good forces be with you.

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