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March 14, 2006


Kenzo ( /

Funny, I was going to post the Mario race last week, but got distracted by the marathon.

Look: Faster-than-possible game of Super Mario Bros.

Also: Super Mario hack


Check out this mario bros. theme performed before an awed audience on a "sitar" (actually a Chapman stick). Here's one blog post with links:

OR check out the Mario Opera:


Mario medley for the piano:


That speed run commented about above ("Faster-than-possible-game"...) has a hidden gem. In Level 5-1, Mario shoots fireballs in time with the music. It is really something to see.


I find it amazing how obsessed people remain with Mario Bros. If you ask me, it's a well founded obsession. I Mario Bros.


I think I remember learning this once, but can someone tell me how to format posts on this blog for URLs, etc. It would be nice to have a real obvious link to a formatting guide while you're creating posts...hint, hint. (Or maybe it's there but just too obvious for me.)


or the mario bros. mashup: Superlangalang (MIA - Galang vs Super Mario Theme Tune):

(scroll down to the bottom)

Krys O.

Use html to make your URL links active:

Paste the URL between the quotation marks and between these two carats ><

Krys O.

Ack, my html example didn't show up above. Instead of ( replace with

(a href="")(/a)

Krys O.

Oy, the little carat symbol still won't show. It's the shift characters on comma and period. Please drive through.


Thanks Krys O.!


Mario Matrix

Kenzo ( /

Mario's everywhere!

See this screenshot (from the maps screenshot page of the Sven Co-op Half-Life modification).

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