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March 16, 2006



Two "Twiggy" songs—her stock just went up!

That clip of Ken is one for the ages—hilarious! ...that's real stress, folks!


No Tom Scharpling?


--No Tom Scharpling?--

Yeah, what's up with that? Sunday was great and that was some performance Tom put on. I would lov to email a link to video of it to a few hundred unsuspecting victims.


Thanks Staffers! Thanks Jeff T! My link was choppy all through the event, so i missed the entire video experience. Now leaning back in comfort skipping :( and rewinding :).

Mike Lupica

Sorry, not everyone wanted their performances archived hence a few absentees.

Frank O'Toole

Ken wins again! Love the 'stash.

carl wolf

Kevin Nutt got soul


Ken is totally the new Vincent Price.


Also, Scott totally looks like a master of the pan flute in this blog entry's included photo.


Awesome stuff!

Princess Wendy

I'd say Ken is the new John Waters. but what will we do with the old one?


wish i would have been there! can't watch the videos for some reason :(

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