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March 27, 2006


Dave the Spazz


Thanks for the heads up on the little organ grinder monkey!

See you there!


Ya know, it is so nice to hear soemthing positive about life. I love positivity, it's a dying quality. Thanks Bronwyn


Bronwyn --

Thanks for the Coney Island tip, and for the wonderful essay. Your Grammy, by the way, was quoting Robert Louis Stevenson.


Forgot to comment earlier, but I'll definitely be there tomorrow. I love monkeys, especially when they're wearing hats.


Hey I went to Coney Island and found some organ players but NO MONKEYS. I was pretty bummed. And then my girlfriend smashed her head into mine on the Cyclone. It was a pretty disappointing day.

Dave the Spazz

I went down to Coney and couldn't find any organ grinder monkeys either. There was a guy in a gorilla suit. I could've stayed home for that action. Good news is Ruby's bar is still open. Bad news: Nathan's Famous Lobster Sandwich!

Bronwyn C.

Yeah, they promised a 19-year-old monkey, but I didn't see him and I was too shy to go up to the Coney Island guys and ask about it. We travelled 2 1/2 hours to get there, too. But we saw 2 calliopes, 2 player pianos, a bunch of paper organs and other noisy music things that I don't know what they're called, and one of them was secretly running off mp3 files, so we still had a pretty good time. We were also happy to see that Ruby's is still there, and there's a really good little Mexican taco stand, Dona Zita's, that we never saw before: Their tacos carnitas ROCK. And any day that includes a ride on the disco bumper cars is a day worth living, as far as I'm concerned. It was disappointing about the monkey, though.

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