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March 31, 2006



I believe that there is also a species of gecko on a South Pacific Island which is comprised entirely of females and reporduces itself essentially by giving birth to genetic duplicates.
I think the other intersting thing about Islands and sex that I don't know if you got was the story about the Ebu Gogo/Homo floresiensis news. Homo floresiensis is the "hobbit" cave people bones discovered on an island in the Indosesian archipelago. The bones are about 12,000 years old not yet truly fossilized. There are stories on the island of the Ebu Gogo. These were little hairy people who's desciption seems to conform to Homo floresiensis.' Anyway the name translates as "little grandmother who will eat anything." The females of these little people are described as having breasts so pendulous they must throw them over each shoulder in order to run. Further, there appeared in the news reports of an isolated village on the island of folks descended from humans that mated with the Ebu Gogo. This is probbly a Tasaday-like ploy to bring in tourists and even more scientists who will probably be there like ketchup on a coldsore if they aren't already.
It sort of reminds me of the scene with Frodo and Galadriel where he touches the ring and for an instant sees Sauron as represented a vertical pupil surrounded with flame. She then informs him that she "knows what it is [he] saw." This is prbably based on her knowlege of the fact that word 'entendre' is the only word the same in both English and Pig Latin.

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