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March 09, 2006



Though I've never worked in a smut-house, I remember being jealous of a friend who did. The only porn store in Bozeman, Montana is on N. Wilson and Main, the left ventricle to the heart of the city. In high school, while I was a projectionist and ticket bitch at the two theaters just down the block (one was an "art theater" in the eighties, and we heard stories), Chris worked at the infamous Miss Kitty's, infamous because it was founded by an ex-priest. He left the dioses after discovering he was gay, and his business venture was nothing but scandal at the time (seventies? Before I was born, anyway). Every handful of years, there is a new push to get rid of MK's, but in between, a climate of shared reverence sits on the town's face; making the store a historical landmark was a memorable proposition. Chris liked working there, but he said it was mostly boring. And he hated some of the chores, like mopping out the stalls, which were like radically warped confessional booths, but with nickelodeon-style smut instead of a priest. I remember Chris bragging about being commissioned to write a song for a sex toy - something with willy in the name - on the banjo, which he played for me when I took a break to visit (I'll see if I can find a copy - I don't remember it being too raunchy). Other notable fact: Miss Kitty's introduced the world's first inflatable sheep sex toy, the "Love Ewe," which never fails if you're looking for a good gag gift.

Jacob Haller

A woman in my knitting group told me about this cologne or perfume or whatever it is:

Good old Germany.

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