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March 09, 2006



He also seems to have 'borrowed' from Leave it to Beaver, and I bet there's a lot of photographers pissed off that he used their work in that way.

I think the funniest part -- or most telling, anyway -- is when he says liberals want to make it so people can't say God in public. Um... what? Does he not understand the difference between public sidewalks and public legislation? And anyway, I always thought God didn't want people saying God in public. Is it possible he's confused liberals with God?

What a stupid fuck.

P.S. Did he just spend too much time in the MysticTan booth, or is he in fact non-white?


The Winston-Salem Journal once called Mr. Robinson the black Jesse Helms, and the candidate has puzzlingly embraced the description. Helms is "the last prominent unabashed white racist politician in this country," according to the Washinton Post, so why on Earth would any African-American politician want to be compared to him?

In case you were wondering, yes, Jesse Helms is still alive.

Brian C.

Looks like he was using a "Twilight Zone"-themed campaign when he lost in 2004. Seems like even conservatives don't like this clown, at least according to this rag

PJ Puryear

Thanks to Randy for putting this up. Everyone needs to know who this guy really is. FYI, Vernon is running against Brad Miller in the 13th. Despite the vitriol this guy emits every time he opens his mouth, he raises serious money ($2.9 million in the 04 primary against Foxx), which may cause some difficulties.We appreciate any support you all can give us. Also make sure to sign up to our email list so you can catch the latest on Brad and, unfortunately, on Vernon.Thanks for the help,PJ PuryearCampaign ManagerBrad Miller Congressional Campaign

PJ Puryear |




In itself the ad is disgusting, but to pile so many copyright violations on top of it (there's no way this falls under fair use and I'm sure Vernon's people didn't get clearances for all those clips). I hope somebody tells Jerry Mathers to sue that guy.


Yeah the guy is a douche. But that doesn't mean he should be censored by copyright laws because you disagree with him. I believe what he does with TZ constitutes satire, which is protected. If you he held a viewpoint that you agreed with would you still want him busted by copyright laws?

Doctor B.

I want this guy to have all the airtime he wants to use, however he wants to use it, copyright issues or not. Why? Because I want every American who thinks that Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity, etc. just might have a point to see exactly where that crew and that ideology is going to take them if they don't watch out! It's too late for the True Believers who support people like Mr. Robinson, but perhaps - just perhaps - the people just over the right side of the fence might be persuaded to jump back over it to the other side! The only difference between the reactionary talk show garbage-mouths and this guy is that Mr. Robinson is merely 5 years ahead of them!


Yes, the spewage was quite amusing on it's own. However, I couldn't just let the putrefaction go unanswered. So I took the piece and put dumbass on another spin altogether.



Well just don't vote for him then.It is that easy!

Progressive Beacon

I blame Wal-Mart and the Jews.

Reality stinks

It's hard to put a finger on what is wrong with the Twilight Zone ad--except for the copyright violations.

Most Americans are not homophobic, but they are nymphophobic. And most gays are nymphs. His ad attracts people who are modest (75% of voters).

What is "low" about saying "keep sex in the bedroom"?

The "God" part of the ad shows how stupid we are. Letting Newdow try to push the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools was the dumbest thing any ever thought of! I still can't figure out the problem with the pledge.

The "abortion" comment is just like all the other anti-choice ads we see. So no surprise there.

You can't fight people like Robinson unless you use a little logic instead of going all emotional. Most voters think with their heads AND their hearts.

If I wanted to campaign against Robinson, I would point that he was a four-time loser. I would point out that his own party hates him.


Derek, if you want Robinson busted for copyright infringement, you should apply the same yardstick to WFMU, who is hosting the video. And I'm sure you don't really want to do that, do you?


Hell I live in the 13th NC district and thanks to this post...
Take that you Godless Communist Sodomites!


it's complete copyright violation, not satire - they haven't modified the logo or the music in any way, he simply is using it for his own advertising. It's against the law without express permission. On top of that, the one child is clearly wearing an abercrombie t-shirt (let's not even get into the latent homoerotic implications there...) -- you need permission for that too, because it implies they gave corporate approval of his campaign.

this should be passed around as much as possible, if you ask me.

Godfrey Daniel

I wish this guy was running in my state. Very cool to hear someone with commonsense expressing it clearly without the pc-fear-of-the-media hollow rhetoric of most pathetic politicians.

Good Luck Vernon Robinson.


Huh? The description doesn't match the video at all. Quite the opposite of extremist, this Video ad seems just like ordinary American values. I wish him luck, if he were running in my district I would happily vote for him.

Listener Mike D.

Umm, Vernon, you do realize that the so-called "liberal" judges who legalized flag burning included Antonin Scalia?

And do you also realize that Justice Stevens, one of the Court's most liberal memebers, dissented in the case?

I guess "facts" are not part of traditional American values, at least not when they get in the way of rhetoric.

Read Texas v. Johnson (1989). I understand its a lot more painful than watching a 30 second TV ad, but the reason politicans can get away with this crap is that they know Americans do not read anymore.

It's very long. Enjoy. And get the facts.


As a black man from North Carolina,I would like to say that Mr. Robinson would do well to recall that not so long ago, those ‘traditional, American values’ he extortes, included lynching Negros from trees…

Wake the $§/&)? up bro!


Whoever secured the copyright clearance for the audio/video on the "Velvet Undergound on the Lawrence Welk Show" item above should give this guy some pointers on intellectual property.

Jack hankey

Well folks I hate to spoil your fun but he is right. You all liberals try to twist and turn everything. You are for butchering millions of babies but not a mass murder. I for one will vote for him. When you all lose enough seats you will see the error of your ways.


I only wish this man was from Texas so I could vote for him.

The ad may be a little over the top, but his website does what most politicians won't do... post side-by-side comparisons of their positions vs their opponent's.

Assuming that is an accurate representation of Brad Miller's voting record, I can't believe NC voters would re-elect Miller.

a. m. young

Robinson is a couragous man, beholden to no one, Democrat or Republican. Good luck, sir!

Scott Beringer

If you think his ad is offensive, then you are offended by the truth. All of you name calling truth twisters are lost in more ways than one. I wish someone like him runs in Nevada. Good luck Mr. Robinson!

D. H.  Hoagie

This guy is pretty far out. In this country he has that right. As I listen to his commercials I agree with part of it but not all of it. Seems he goes a bit overboard. Seems he is pointing out that we have big problems in this country but he fails to point out that for the past few years his fellow Republicans have controlled the Congress, the Senate, the White House and the Supreme Court. If we have problems in this country, then the Republicans will have to take part of the blame. One thing about Mr. Robinson's commercials; he has at least got some people on both sides of the fence interested.

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