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March 09, 2006



You are paranoid..because they dissagree with you. Grow up!

a young

Thanks for raising Vernon Robinson's profile. He is a breath of fresh air. Robinson will promote a truly colorblind society, in which race-based decisions regarding empoloyment, college admissions, or any other endevour will be illegal.

Betty Duncan

Another Texan, that will support you, Mr.
Robinson and I will put my money, where my
mouth is speaking. Good Luck to you, Sir.


The opposite of a 'homophobe' is a 'tradiophobe', that is, someone who has an irrational fear or hatred of traditional values.

Why are there so many 'homophobes' and 'xenophobes' and so few 'tradiophobes' and 'conservaphobes' or 'heterophobes'?

Answer: semantics and B.S.

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