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March 06, 2006



Awesome! Thanks for the vid link - The Dead C are crucial...And it's nice to see Siltbreeze finally having an online presence.

Chris R

Speakers plural?! When did the Record Exchange get more than one pokin' oustide?! ;-)


Heh great clip. My favourite bit when it aired was the look of astonishment on the faces of the two young presenters straight after the performance. The "excited" presenter is Graeme Humphries of the Able Tasmans. Unfortunately, the clip doesn't incude the part before the commercial break which preceded the performance - Peter Lange, preeminent member of the New Zealand Skeptics society, and brother of former Prime Minister David, was handed a piece of paper to read the segue: "Coming up after the break, The Dead Clive."

That had us laughing in the aisles.


i thought another NZer would get in a comment before me. this is a great clip.i particularly get a kick out of the freeform flashlight flailing wildly as the band play. the show is Ground Zero. Humphries often found himself up against resistance when it came to rambling about obscure music. the on-screen awkwardness between him and Francesca Rudkin was uncomfortable to watch, yet strangely thrilling. Rudkin went on to become the host of an 'alternative' music video show on oldie channel TV1, while Humphries became a sports show co-presenter. The Dead C never performed again on NZ television.

Trevor Ballard

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