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April 18, 2006



In France there is
a french 2.0 website about podcasting !

Jeff T

I've been enjoying Penn Jillette's podcast. He doesn't have great radio chops, but he does have great stories and interesting views. The podcast appears to be the full show minus the ads.


Thanks for the pointers to Maron goodness.

"The Marc Maron Show never gets on my nerves or makes me run for the knob, like a few other Air America shows I won't name."

Man, do I agree with you there. I should be pretty close to the bullseye of their target audience but nearly every show they air except for Maron gets on my nerves at least occasionally (Franken when he goes all boring Goo-goo or talks about a sewage plant in Minnesota; Janeane G. when she substitutes dimestore psychoanalysis of rightwingers for political talk--which she does about 90 percent of the time it seems; Randi Rhodes most of the time. I don't even bother to turn on Springer anymore; at best he's he's dead boring.)

I also agree about the Satellite Sisters. WNYC ran their insipid program for a while a few years ago -- abysmal pap. So the reason they are on instead of Malloy on WLIB is because they're syndicated by Disney and the Mouse is paying LIB for the slot?

Is that really the case or just a surmise? I wondered why Malloy went away to be replaced by that horrible show.

I'd also prefer Maron over Byrd, but I suppose there are other issues there, too.

I'm not about to pay AAR for their content; naif that I was, I got Sirius back when AAR started up because they carried all of the AAR schedule and XM only carried parts. That ended when XM got exclusive rights, so I figure AAR owes me money from that deal and I'm not about to cough up more to them.

I guess Air America has a hard row to hoe, but I sure hope left-of-center talk radio (AAR and non-AAR) gets in gear soon.

the man in lumberjack vee

That Dusty show rocks!

Thank you, WMFU!

I listened to it while I was getting my teeth drilled. It made the experience enjoyable. When the dentist was done, I sat in my chair, daydreaming.


Don't forget The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment on WFMU. Last three scheduled shows on his archive page have dealt with Drugs (Opium, Marijuana, and this week's Pschedelics). Although it's odd...the podcast page shows 3/31 as his last show but he has had two since (April 7 and 14).


I discovered A3 Radio out of Ann Arbor, an Internet only, multi-channel radio station. I started listening to the latest podcast of From The Vault With Jim Heddle and was kind of perplexed. Between the vintage commercials and newscasts, I did detect some decent music, too. I also noticed the volume changes were a little unnormal across the broadcast.

A3 Radio Podcasts, navigate to bottom for From The Vault

Heddle's show is described as "50's thru 70's, the way it was when DJs picked the tunes from a stack of 45's. Jim was a WPAG DJ in the studios where A3Radio is now (Main & Liberty)".

Hope the sound quality can be improved a bit above current 64 Kbps (96, 128?).


>> there’s PLENTY of choices when it comes to subscribing to free
>> podcasts. Too many really.

My point exactly. I was drowning in content even before they came up with this. I subscribe to four FMU podcasts and rarely does a week go by in which I get to listen to all four. I've gotten used to ignoring 99% of the online content that interests me, just to keep from nervous collapse. By the way, I have the same problem with the Sheppcast.


Regarding From The Vault: The show that you heard was a re-broadcast of a program that originally aired on WPAG in 1980. The guys at A3 asked me to send them mp3's of the songs used in the show so they could add them to their library. Unfortunately I no longer had some of the records, but I sent them what I had. They decided to dub those records into the show, so that is why the volume changes from song to song. Most of the From The Vault shows are newly recorded and have much better sound quality without the volume changes.
-Jim Heddle

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