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April 25, 2006


Taro, in Tokyo

I just edited down a sample of that "vintage Egyptian pop music" from the 31 Meter Band. It's sort of artful the way it fades in and out. Coming out of my car sound system which plays MP3s on CD-Rs stacked in the CD changer it ought to confuse the hell out people riding in my car listening to what they think is car radio, hee, hee.

Taro, in Tokyo at


The announcers on 9550 are talking about how the Spanish language is used by so many people and how wonderful that is.

It sounds like Cuba, but there's nothing in there to definitely ID them that I heard. The subject matter sounded to me more like the kind of thing Cuba would broadcast to others than to their own people, so I would suspect RHC over Rebelde.

Tunisia is a good source for Arabic pop music on shortwave. Radio Tunis puts in a killer signal most evenings on two or three frequencies in the 41 meter band.


did you get it yet?

Let us know how you like it here ;)


Dale Hazelton

I have to ask those in the know. Does this roughly $100 Chinese radio equal classics like the Grundig Satellit 700 or the Sony 2010 for general interest bandscanning? It is 20+ years on for the Sony and probably 15 for the Grundig, so the Degen/Kaito has time on it's side, anyway. If so, I think I need to put some of my "classics" up on ebay and put a bit of cash in my pocket.

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