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April 27, 2006


Chris Holmstrøm

Yeah, it's scary... And now you have the proposed legislation that if passed will forbid radio stations to have unencrypted MP3 streams, requiring the use of WMA or Real with DRM.

I don't think this is the will of the people, if the people knew anything about this... I can't protest it since I'm not from the US, but this will mean I lose access to your stream... a crying shame.

Of course, one could set up a relay in Europe somewhere (Norway's good :) which recieves an encrypted stream from the station and rebroadcasts it as MP3...

But you still have FM anyway. Think of the internet-only stations, many streamed from Linux, going out of business. WMA and Real streaming software cost much more money, more CPU power and more hassle.

As you said, the RIAA are trying to halt progress with laws and lawsuits instead of setting up their own iTunes-like online music shop. The RIAA execs would be safe from zombie attacks though, as they keep proving the y have no brains!

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