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April 27, 2006



That's the exact same DJ nightmare I have -- and I've been off the air for more than six years.

Brother JB

I started having the "dead air and no song ready to play" dream when I started, but I never mentioned it to anyone. Then another DJ at my station asked me if I had a dream like that. I said yes, and so did the five other DJs standing around us. Turns out, it's pretty much universal.


Jon, "The Rock & Roll Clubhouse", KRFC Fort Collins


What do you mean by "dream"? It happens. And cueing up something in a rush, and then discovering that it is called "Motherfucker Dub", with no other music at hand. I always liked having PSA, Promo, or Legal ID carts on the computer for such an occasion. Or an EAS test due. Actually no, I never liked the EAS tests.


I love how the band keeps cracking up in "The DJ Philosopher"!

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