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April 27, 2006





Is it that he's wearing a Sonic Youth shirt and has furnishings from the Moma design store?

Krys O.

Fred Durst is channeling Moby. What do I win?


"Is it that he's wearing a Sonic Youth shirt and has furnishings from the Moma design store?"

Yes. Yes it is.

lokel JC FITE Style I get it.....he still sucks

Holland Oats

Guess it's still lonely at the top.


I thought it was for the fact that he's balding. I saw him once wear a Smiths t-shirt. He still sucks it.


I told you Sonic Youth sucks.

Goyim in the AM

Boy, Jason (Donna Summer) and Jen have really gotten some great furniture!


Not as good as Boy George in a Misfits shirt...maybe he's contemplating how he and his group destroyed FM radio

hugh of freeville

i've heard the name but really have no idea who this fred durst is (i suppose i could google him..but
he looks sad.

control voltage

He has the barcelona coffee table and knock off chairs!


I think the real question is-If this photo was taken by the guitarist with the 2 maglites in his beard, did he need to use a flash? It looks like the beardligths worked pretty well but probably require a slightly longer exposure. I've never done professional photography and so I am at a bit of a loss.

Norm Loman

Eeeewww.... Fred Durst in a Sonic Youth shirt.
Thats like if Kenny G decided to wear a Cecil Taylor shirt.

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